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Feb 18, 2012 07:41 AM

Raclette equipment

Anyone know where to get a raclette cheese melter?

Would nella have one?

Any help is appreciated

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  1. Do you mean the modern version with the little cups for melting cheese and a grill on top for heating stuff? If so, then Cayne's and Bed, Bath and Beyond both have them.

    Cayne's has the Cuisinart and the T-Fal versions for $79.99. BB&B has the Swissmar one (granite stone top) for $169.99.

    If you mean the original kind with just the heating element that heats the big wheel of cheese and you keep scraping the melted cheese off, then I don't know. :)

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      I have the Swissmar version, which is nice if you want to do more than simply melt cheese. If you wanted to, you could probably put a block of raclette cheese on the granite, heat one side to melting, then give it a quarter turn to enjoy the melted cheese while another side heats up. We've only used it one time (in 2 years!), but we used the little cups for the cheese and grilled some mushrooms, onions and seafood on the granite, which was probably a better idea than scarfing back a pound of cheese!

      I recommend it, but only if you think you're going to use it more than once a year, or else have a massive appliance garage/graveyard for rarely used gadgets. With only a small appliance garage and the good sense not to scarf back piles of raclette cheese in one sitting, mine does a fantastic job gathering dust most of the time.

    2. If you are talking about the one with the heating element and then you scrape the bubbling cheese off I think you can order one through La Ferme Black River. I got mine (for my mother actually) years ago, and I'm 90% sure that was who I ordered it from. At the time i was working somewhere that got almost weekly deliveries from them, but they may be willing to ship to a home address. Google them and give them a call. I remember I had a hard time finding one, so it's worth following up on.
      If it's the "modern" kind with the tray for melting cheese then they are at just about every good kitchen store, I saw them at IQ Living on Danforth this afternoon.