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Feb 18, 2012 05:19 AM

Cake Bible "All Occasion Downy Yellow Butter Cake" is it?

I am going to make the all occasion downy yellow butter cake from the Cake Bible. How is that yellow cake recipe? Has anyone tried it and are there any other better yellow cake recipes?

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  1. While I'm sure this response will be of 0% use for you at this late date, just wanted to share my thoughts.

    I've made a couple butter cake recipes from the Cake Bible--All Occasion Downy Yellow Butter Cake and White Spice Pound Cake--and found that these were both very light and fine-textured. The pound cake really just about dissolves in your mouth, and the yellow butter cake was similar, if less extreme in that respect.

    Speaking for myself, i prefer butter cakes with a little more heft and density. (The Cake Bible's yellow cake's texture was beautiful, but didn't scream homemade to me.) The blog Smitten Kitchen's yellow cake recipe fit the bill nicely, in case you're continuing to experiment!

    As an aside, I do think that the Cake Bible's method for mixing butter cakes is faster and simpler than the typical butter/sugar creaming technique. And I have used both volume and weight measures on different occasions with good results.

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      It's been awhile and I'm sure we liked it. I would have remembered if we didn't like it. Thanks

    2. agree with DoubleGlou that's it is way too late for the answer regarding this quest.
      if you made it, how did it turn out? if not and you'd like something pretty good, here's a link

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        Thanks for the recipe--maybe I'll continue playing around even if the OP does not!

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          I honestly think a lot of hounders forget to check back. I know I do.

      2. This is my "go to" cake recipe. I've made in many, many times, in various sizes and shapes, carved it, etc. Whereas I tried the Smitten Kitchen Recipe and it was a disaster.

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          Did you forget to link something? I need a "go to" yellow cake recipe.

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            The recipe mentioned in the original post: all occasion downy yellow butter cake from the Cake Bible book.