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May 13, 2001 10:53 PM

Eats near San Diego Marina? [San Diego]

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I will be in San Diego over Memorial day weekend. I am staying at the Sherton in the marina. It says that it is near the Gas Lamp District and Seaport Village. Any suggestions for cheap eats, fun night spots, yummy breakfasts, etc .... We are both open to eating anything and everything, but would love to avoid driving if possible. Romantic is a plus! Thanks

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  1. As one who will be staying at the Hyatt nearby that same weekend, I can recommend three places. First on my list is the beautiful and relatively new Cafe Royal. Cafe Royal is a beautiful and well executed copy of a French bistro, with a great raw bar, fish soup, and hangar steak. It is located at the far end of the Gaslamp, on 5th Street, I believe.

    Second would be Sally's in front of the Hyatt, but on the water. They have a terrific Swiss chef. While we won't go there that Sunday, I would highly recommend their Sunday Brunch, espwcially if you like Bloody Mary's. They have a make your own Bloody Mary bar. Every place should have one. They give you a huge glass with ice and vodka, and then have everything immaginable to make a Bloody Mary.

    Finally, the food at Croce's is surprisingly good. After eating at the restaurant, they give you free entrance to either their jazz club or their rock and roll club. The music is generally very good. I was there a couple of weeks ago and got socked with an energy surcharge though. Even though hotels are now charging them too. I am against this fraud.

    Hope this helps. Maybe I'll run into you.