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Feb 17, 2012 11:43 PM

Truffle Oil in Toronto?

I heard that President's Choice has this out on the market. Is it decent compared to the others out there? I am finding a lot of ways to add this to my recipes.....

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  1. its terrible .... tastes like chemicals ... do yourself a favor and trek out to cheese boutique for the real deal

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    1. re: slants

      I was at loblaws looking at these yesterday and they have two kinds, their presidents Choice black label product and another in a little can (I forgot the name). I also saw the same brand at Pusateris. I think it was metal with a green label on it.,...anyone know what it is and if its any good?

    2. I wouldn't buy Truffle Oil from Loblaws. As slants mentioned, the CB is one good option. I'll even pick it up for you next time I go there, which will be soon.