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Feb 17, 2012 08:36 PM

Charleston/Mt Pleasant Casual Restaurants

Hello I will be in the Mt Pleasant area next week for 72 hours. Do you have any suggestions on casual restaurants to visit to get a good feel for the area? Nothing fancy - prefer sandwiches.
Also do you have any suggestions for happy hour or places to grab a beer late? We are in our 30s and would like see what the nightlife is like.

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  1. For nightlife you'll need to either go to the beach or go downtown. Poe's on Sullivans has great burgers, and all the bars out there are close together. The Windjammer on IOP has live music.

    The City Paper has a complete list of what's going on in the area:

    Where are you staying?

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      We are staying on the Isle of Palms, but are also interested in checking out Mt Pleasant. Do you have any ideas of a good place to grab lunch?

    2. Oh yeah. Go to Sea Biscuit on IOP. It's really popular so there may be a wait. Or, as I posted, go over to Sullivans to one of the restaurants there. You can sit outdoors.

      Village Bakery in the Old Mt Pleasant is good, as is Boulevard Diner. Red's on Shem Creek has great views, okay food and a festive atmosphere.