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Feb 17, 2012 07:19 PM

The dream kitchen

If money was no object, and you got to fully design your kitchen however you wanted (assuming you have however much space you want) what characteristics and features would you want ?

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  1. A butlers pantry to store china, linens, serving utensils, vases, etc.

    No bottom cabinets - just various sized drawers to access stored items easily.

    A cooler designed just for curing meats.

    1. a scullery maid would be nice
      (yes, I've been watching too much Downton Abbey)

      1. I want a kitchen that is not beautiful but practical: where you can burn, drop, smash, spill and splatter without worry or too much effort. A kitchen that is meant to be hard-used, not seen as a showroom. I've observed that, the more of a showpiece a kitchen is, the less likely it is to be used. Cannot fathom such a waste of coin.

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          It's possible to have both beauty and function. For example, I love the look of white marble counter tops but am not willing to deal with the upkeep. I remember reading somewhere that there's some sort of treated granite that looks similar to white carrera marble but has all the durability of granite. It's also more expensive than white marble.

          So if money is no object, I'd have a kitchen that is beautiful AND practical. An unlimited budget should allow me to get the best kitchen designer out there to make that dream come true.

        2. A family I know has a kitchen that is a huge room with a fireplace, lounge furniture, and a large dining table (probably seats 12 comfortably). Even though this family is private jet wealthy, it's not fancy, just cozy and functional. (they have several other houses that I'm sure have fancy kitchens). I want that. Great appliances wouldn't hurt. And an awesome view out the window over the sink.

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            my kitchen, which is as close to a dream kitchen as I am likely to ever get, is completely open to the living/great room and has two sinks, a prep sink on the middle island, and the primary sink facing the living area. I like this even better than a great view out the window: while I work at the sink I can still see out to our back patio through large windows on that side of the house, but can also easily see any guests seated at the counter or in our livingroom, or if I am alone, the primary TV in the house. I realize that this set up isn't for everyone (if there are any dirty dishes in or around the sink area casual visitors will be able to see them), but it works perfectly for me. I spent years cooking in a very small kitchen that was separated by walls from the dining room and living areas, and much prefer this large open set up....

            Now, a fireplace would be nice. Our home's only fireplace is in what we call our 'bar room', a sort of den, and isn't easily visible from the kitchen (mostly because of furniture in between).

          2. A fireplace for sure. I had one in my last two homes in Rhode Island and it certainly made the winters enjoyable. In the two houses I've owned in Southern California, I have put in gas burning fireplaces that provide ambiance and heat whenever the weather is cool. My other must have--now that I've had it in three kitchens--is a long length of counter unencumbered by a sink, stove or any other cooking appliance. Ideally it would be made of butcher block, though mine have been solid stone with a large cutting board pulled out for heavy prep work. Both of them have been between the cooking and eating areas at counter (not bar) height. It acts as a buffet, casual sitting spot for a guest and If I want to cook while facing guests I sometimes pull out the old electric frying pan for dishes like risotto so I can stand, stir and talk at the same time. I also love the fact we have a couch on the wall side of our table area so my husband and I can sit next to each other while eating--and across from that is a TV set into the wall that is visible from virtually anywhere in the kitchen....another must have for me. Now if only I had a kitchen large enough to have two wall ovens and a set of pop up shelves sturdy enough to hold our KitchenAid mixer and Food Processor so I could raise them up, use them and then lower them away--instead of carrying them from the hall pantry. But the way it is now at least I get some exercise with the lifting.