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Feb 17, 2012 05:46 PM

Plymouth/Maple Grove

I'm looking for a place to have lunch on Sunday. I would prefer not to eat at a chain restaurant if possible. Has anyone eaten at Ketsana's? If so, what are your thoughts? Any other ideas? I'm open to just about any kind of food. Thanks.

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  1. Ketsana's is a great place for Vietnames food. One of the best for egg rolls and Pad Thai. I don't think you will be disappointed.

    1. I LOVED Ketnana's when it was in Richfield but i haven't had a chance to check out the Plymouth location. I've heard Plymouth location is just as wonderdful. I'd go there if I were you. Nothing but chain restaurants as far as you can see in MG.

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        As such goes, 3 Squares isn't bad at all.

      2. Ketsana's has decent food. The appetizers are great and their entree portions are huge. It's bit too heavily seasoned for my taste. I only say this because I drink more water at this restaurant than any other thai place. If you do go, try sitting at the booths. The main dining area has an odd set-up. Nong's might be better if you want a brighter and nicer looking place.

        And like the other poster said, 3 Squares is not a bad choice. I like the variety they have though it might be a bit too dark to dine for lunch.

        1. Try Chez Arnaud for French Cafe fare and desserts, Reuan Thai for tasty Thai (they have the best (i.e., not just salty and sour) Tom Yum soup I've had in the Twin Cities), Uchu for Peruvian, Chin Yung for Chinese, or Henry's Cafe for American Diner food.

          Reuan Thai Restaurant
          311 Central Ave, Osseo, MN 55369

          Chin Yung Restaurant
          13704 83rd Way N, Maple Grove, MN 55369

          Chez Arnaud
          13332 Bass Lake Rd, Maple Grove, MN 55311

          4130 Berkshire Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55446

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            Please tell me more about Uchu. I read a review somewhere and meant to visit, but they don't do lunch on weekends and I'm busy most evenings. So convince me to make time for Uchu!

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              Try this


              Copper Kettle (Osseo) also has Peruvian Food on Saturday afternoons/evenings and all day on Sundays (I'd call to confirm the hours).

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                Uchu would have been my rec for this, too, if they were open for lunch. And +1 for Chez Arnaud, but It's not really what I would consider a leisurely lunch spot, and if you don't revel in the simplicity of a French sandwich or quiche, it might be a miss because that's all there is to pick from, really. It would be hard not to love for dessert, though.
                Anyway, I have only been to Uchu once, for dinner. I wanted and still want to love the place. The menu is heavily seafood-centric. I would normally love that but most of it is Tilapia and that (being farmed/engineered) grosses me out. I would pay double for something wild caught and sustainable.
                The interior and ambiance is a little weird because it's unchanged from when it was Panchero, but I appreciate that they're trying to focus on the food, which was just ok in my book. If I'm hungry for that style of food I'll go to Samba in Hopkins before I'll go back to Uchu.

            2. I actually like Pittsburgh Blue for lunch. The halfsteak is a nice deal and I was surprised at the quality for $13. Plus, on Sunday they have an all day happy hour. 2 oysters for $3 is hard to beat.