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Feb 17, 2012 05:38 PM

Wanted: Restaurant recs for locavore faves or authentic pizza

My Seattle brood (me, hubby, 2 teenagers, 10 y.o.) are headed down for the weekend and need recommendations from our Hounds to the south! On our last visit, we tried (& loved) Carafe for din and the food trucks for lunch. I was thinking a family-friendly (kids are foodies, too!) place where the local ingredients shine or a pizza joint doing real pizza for dinner this time... any ideas? TY in advance!

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  1. For pizza, I would recommend Oven & Shaker and it is also open for lunch now.

    1. Apizza Scholls for a fancy pie
      Gladstone Pizza for a regular pie

      1. For my family, it's Nonna Emilia's in Beaverton. I guess it all depends on what kind of pizza you like. I attached a photo of one I took from there if that helps. This one has pepperoni, salami, canadian bacon, mushrooms and olives.

        1. If you want a place that showcases local ingredients, is kid-friendly, and is one of Portland's best pizzerias, it's Lovely's Fifty-Fifty. Scholls and Gladstone are great, but they don't really focus on seasonal/local ingredients. Oven and Shaker isn't very kid-friendly.

          Here's my review of Lovely's:

          As a backup to this, Ken's Artisan.

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            Lovely's FIfty-Fifty also makes good ice cream and has good salads. And being up on Misssissippi is a good thing for tourists.

            Stop in at The Meadow for some awesome salts, chocolates (some fo them local), aperitifs and digestivos, and an amazing bitters collection. You can sample all the salts and all the bitters and most of the aperitifs and digestivos. Nice flowers's amazing what they have in that small shop!

            Also, for a locavore but not really traditional pizza - Dove Vivi is really good stuff. I am from Brooklyn, NY and would usually not go for a "non-traditional" pizza, but this is seriously good stuff - a thick yet crisp cornemal crust. The kale salad is awesome there too. Very kid-friendly too.

            1. re: JillO

              Alas, our weekend in Portland is behind us, but now I have a good list going for next time! We ended up at Kenny and Zuke's for dinner on Saturday after spending a couple of hours at Powell's. The Hungarian mushroom soup was yummy, and everyone liked their sandwiches. It was also very kid and teen friendly. We had coffee and pastries at Nuvrei on Sunday morning before we walked to OMSI, and ended up at Via Tribunali for dinner. It was nice, fresh pizza and the staff were incredibly nice. Overall, we had a great time and can't wait to return to try the Portland Hounds' suggestions!

              1. re: mariaoaiello

                Wait, you came down to Portland from Seattle and then went to a Seattle pizza joint? Oh well, at least you didn't end up at Schmizza. I'll throw Firehouse into the ring for pizza. Been there twice in the last few weeks (we live within waliking distance), and it's some of the best I've had in Portland or Seattle. Better than the pies we had at Nostrana, and the dough has great flavor. Lovely's makes a good pie as well, but the highlight there is the ice cream. Consistently better than what we've tried at Salt and Straw on Alberta, but maybe we've hit off nights (but how many icy/poor consistency nights can you tolerate for that price?). Lovely's ice cream has always been delicious; wondering now if they'll open earlier in the day this summer?

                1. re: Cbas79

                  My ice cream faves in order:

                  Cool Moon - best consistency, best and largest selection of flavors, best. hot. fudge. ever, $4 happy hour pints (4-6pm)!

                  Ruby Jewel - intensely flavored - esp. the mint, good waffle cones

                  Lovely's Fifty-Fifty - nice flavors for a relatively small selection - OK, they are actually closer to a tie for second with Ruby Jewel in ice cream quality, placed third because of their lack of availability before 5pm...I hope they open earlier in the summertime, even if it is just their ice cream counter

                  Salt & Straw - interesting flavors (some of which I just don't care for at all - fun to taste, but usually not sure I want a whole come of it), great high butterfat content - really rich stuff

                  Honestly, none of 'em suck...but Cool Moon is by far my fave (and even worth the Pearl parking hassles).

                  1. re: JillO

                    Great list, JillO and thanks for the specifics, like the mint at Ruby Jewel -- on my list for snacks, despite our March arrival -- let's hope it doesn't snow then like it did today in Vancouver BC :-).