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Feb 17, 2012 03:17 PM

Le Creuset Skillet : Enamel worn off after first day

This is my first Le Creuset enameled cookware, purchased just 2 days back from amazon. I bought it after getting rid of all my teflon coated cookware, having read some reviews of this being a good alternative. I cooked ground turkey in it, using a generous quantity of olive oil at medium heat. It was sticking a little; after washing, I noticed the enamel had worn off, exposing the cast iron surface and ugly spots all over. I had used wooden utensils, did not cook on high and had cleaned with a soft sponge. Not sure if this is normal or if the item is defective.. Is there anything I could do to season the surface ? Please advise.

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  1. Maybe it's a knock-off.

    1. Hi, calchef:

      Something's very wrong here, because that result is, practically speaking, impossible.

      This enamel interior should hold up well to a strong scrubbing with abrasives. Try a green 3M scrub pad with a little Barkeeper's Friend. I bet what you have is food residue.

      If that doesn't work, leave it out, WET for a day or two or put it through ther self-clean oven cycle. If the enamel is gone anywhere, you're going to see orange rust.


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        Hi Kaleo,

        You were right - it probably was food residue. BKF and Scotch brite did the trick. Thank you so much. (Btw, the LC manual advises against using the green scrub pad, but it seems fine to use it, so far at least.)

          1. re: calchef12

            Hi, calchef:

            You're welcome. I think the more you use this, the less propensity it will have to really hold onto food like it did. It will never be non-stick, but I subscribe to the view that it can--sort of--be seasoned. Obviously, if you Scotchbrite it back to matte every time, you'll be reinventing the wheel.

            Have Fun,

        1. Assuming it is really chipping, you really have to return this. Sure, enameled surface can wear off, but after 2 days are just too fast -- way too fast. I don't think enameled cast iron is actually a good alternative to enameled cookware.

          There is nothing you can do to season the surface. Not really. Yes, you can season a bare cast iron cookware at relatively high temperature, but you cannot do that to a chipped enameled cast iron cookware, because the chipping will just keep going on larger and larger, so it is a losing proposition. I am sorry to bring you the bad new, but it is better than wasting your time and giving you false hope.

          1. looks to me like you've gotten a second.
            there are places that sell seconds, so imperfect.
            outlet malls etc.
            amazon I don't know much about.