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Feb 17, 2012 03:06 PM

Where to buy great Andouille & Chorizo Sausage in Toronto?

We have guests in a few weeks who want to go back home to rural Ontario with some great Andouille and Chorizo sausage.
Any suggestions as to who makes great ones in the Toronto area.

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  1. Segovia on augusta, in kensington mkt.

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    1. re: aser

      Thank you - I'll be in Kensington with our guests and so we'll be dropping into Segovia to see their wares!!! ... before lunching at El Trompo, where we always have a great time!

    2. Sausage King in the St Lawrence Market and the Butcher Shoppe sell Andouille. I'm guessing it's the Louisiana-style Andouille, not the French-style Andouille. Not sure if it's great, haven't tried it.

      Are you looking for Spanish or Mexican-style Chorizo? I tried President's Choice vacuum-packed Spanish-style smoked Chorizo yesterday, kept next to the Kielbasa, which comes in spicy or mild. The mild one was pretty good. Most Loblaws also sell a fattier, fresh Chorizo near the refrigerated Italian sausages.

      Would think Pimenton on Mt Pleasant would also sell at least a couple different Chorizos.

      Butcher Shoppe
      121 Shorncliffe Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

      681 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

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        Great suggestions - thank you! I had thought Suasage King was gone now but I was wondering if St Lawrence Market might be the right place. Never been to Pimenton so I look forward to visiting it.
        You're right on as to me wanting Cajun Andouille and ~Mexican Chorizo - but a good coarse smoked one will be great, either way!

        1. re: prima

          The PC stuff is really quite serviceable. I've made things and even use it as garnish on my Huevos Rancheros.


        2. El Gaucho, SLM north building on Saturdays. My go to sausage place in the city. Also try the Instantanious Combustion, my favorite sausage ever, hot but very hot for people scared of peppers, but what's great is you can actually taste the peppers.

          1. Sierra Bakery (of all places) makes a wonderful chorizo sausage.

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            1. re: magic

              Quick question: Where is Sierra Bakery? I just did a search and didn't find an obvious hit.

              1. re: 1750spider

                Just a guess, but I think magic may have been referring to Seara Bakery, which is a Portuguese bakery and they have a Portuguese chourico on the menu.


                1. re: TorontoJo

                  Sounds like a great guess! And even if magic meant otherwise, this is another great tip --- and if I 'have to' switch from strictly chorizo to chourico, we like different sausages anyway and I always like trying others' recipes!! Like the other day when we went back to Masellis on the Danforth to try others of their sausages we hadn't had before - and really liked the fennel/hot italian...

                  1. re: 1750spider

                    The Barese sausage from Maselli's is pretty good, too!

                2. re: 1750spider

                  Oops! Yes, Seara. Sorry!

                  There is one on Keele, south of Lawrence.

                  And another one on Rogers Road, near Keele.

                  1. re: magic

                    And go around feeding time and hit Estrala next door for some great chicken


              2. Segovia Meats has been mentioned for Chorizo. They are Colombians who make many varieties of South and Central American styles of chorizo, as well as a Mexican. They are uncooked, and uniformly delicious. Many of the smaller Mexican cantina style places in the city make their own chorizo that they will sell as well, such as El Trompo. For dried, smoked styles, Pimenton carries a couple of varieties, including one that is made from Iberico pigs, and a small place in Sharbot Lake does a nice version that is available from some small purveyors such as Easton's (I think places like Olliffe also carry them, but the snob premium is huge).

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                  Actually, I believe the Segovia people are Chilean.