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Feb 17, 2012 02:05 PM

Sushi Sasabune? or something else close to Sushi Zo?

Last time we were in LA we went to Mori based on recs from this board. While we enjoyed our meal, for whatever reason it fell a bit short for me in comparison to my best sushi experiences (Yasuda, Kanoyma, NAOE, Tsukiji). Could've just been an off night.

In any case, we'll be back in LA next week and I'm on the hunt for sushi again. Preferably want to try a different place this time.

We'll likely be coming from the airport and heading to Arcadia after dinner, so location wise would prefer someplace that wouldn't be too far off that path.

Have been doing some research here and it seems that Sushi Zo pretty much fits the bill in terms of what I'm looking for food-wise: Traditional, varied, sushi/sashimi-focused

However, the general consensus around service, attitude, pacing, and the fact that it's omakase ONLY, are putting me off.

What's the next best option?

I thought Sushi Sasabune might be a good option, but it seems to have a bad rep on this board (haven't been able to find specific reviews as to why...just general negative references...seems to be related to their oversaucing?). I was thinking maybe if we stuck to ordering a la carte rather than going w/ omakase, maybe we'd avoid the sauce issue and also keep costs down a bit?

Kiriko might be my runner up.

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  1. irrc, sasubune is the place that pre-slices their fish.

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      Probably a dumb question, but what does "irrc" stand for?

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        I believe she was trying for IIRC which can be found here:

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          thank you Servorg.
          that's exactly what i meant.

    2. Kiriko would be a good choice (and they do some outstanding cooked and other dishes to go along with their excellent sushi and sashimi).

      1. Yasuda was my favorite sushi spot prior to Yasuda retiring.

        If Mori fell short for you, so will everything else in LA. Mori is the closest to Yasuda that I have been able to find here in LA.

        Zo is your second best chance. Kiriko third. Sasabune never.

        1. Sushi Sushi in Beverly Hills on Beverly just north of Olympic is outstanding. Very traditional and not limited to omakase. The seared salmon sushi is incredible. No spicy tuna, California roll or quail egg.

          1. I honestly wouldnt let some of the negative things on the board about Zo steer you away from it. If you are willing to spend about $200/head (after tax and tip) then I still think its an amazing meal and you wont be disappointed. the quality of the fish is amazing there and other than Urasawa its my favorite place in town to eat.

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