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Feb 17, 2012 02:02 PM

Puerto Rico-Fajardo Where to Eat

Hello, looking for recommendations of where to eat near Fajardo. We are staying at the Conquistador but would like to get off resort. Seafood, roast pork, mofongo, fresh local, delicious. Shack food to fancy all good. Also if you had a recommendation for one very festive evening, where would it be.


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  1. The kioskos are a short ride away in Luquillo, right on Hwy 3.

    Also in Fajardo itself, but a bit up the mountain road, there's a place called Cuchilandia Paraiso, which is a lechonera with all the usual stuff: pork, morcilla, chicken, ...

    There's a few other local places to eat along Hwy 3. Don Pepe's is one I specifically remember for its mofongo, it's a bit on the higher end price wise though.

    Also along the highway look out for pincho stands, there should be a few of them.