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Dino's Burgers (Pico) Opens New Location in Pico Rivera

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Dino's Burgers (Pico) -- home of the Famous Chicken Plate ("Pollo Maniaco") -- has opened a new location in Pico Rivera. This is Dino Burgers' 5th restaurant --Pico Blvd, Azusa and Pico Rivera restaurants are family-operated and the Pomoona and Bellflower locations are franchises.




Dino's Burgers
9367 Telegraph Road
Pico Rivera
562 943-7222

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  1. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum! Thanks! ;-)

    1. Wait...what about the one on Main in Lincoln Heights? The chicken tastes just like the Pico version to me, and I think they call it "Pollo Maniaco" too...

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        Dino Burgers (Main St.) is owned by Demetrios Pantazis's brother and is operated separately.

      2. The correct phone number for Dino's Burgers Pico Rivera is 562 942-7222. Sorry for the typo.