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Feb 17, 2012 01:01 PM

Good Chinese Buffet, Philly Suburbs?

I have a friend staying with me (I'm in Lansdowne Delaware County) who loves Chinese buffets. Does anyone have a recommendation? My experience with the ones near us in Del. Co. is really bad. Anyone been to the one in Plymouth Meeting? Thanks ahead for your help!

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  1. Plymouth Meeting is good. I was there this past Sunday and it was better than I expected. Very nice employees and the food was pretty fresh and hot than a regular Chinese buffet. I think total for 2 people and drinks was about 25-30 bucks including tip.

    If you can make the drive, go to Hometown Buffet in Willow Grove (or is it Abington/Jenkintown). Way better food and has the Mongolian BBQ.

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      Many thanks! Plymouth Meeting is about 20 minutes from us thanks to the Blue Route so we'll probably go there. I did Google Hometown Buffet and didn't find anything that's a Chinese buffet.
      Any chance it has another name? Thanks again.

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        I'm in Upper Darby, so I know the area very well. DelCo is horrendous when it comes to buffets.

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          You are so right! We will try the one in Plymouth Meeting tonight and will report back here with our review. Thanks so much for your help.

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            Okay, so we went to King Buffet tonight (Saturday), early, around 5 pm. As buffets go, it was pretty good, largely because it is busy and the food doesn't sit around. Nothing terribly unusual in terms of selection, but nice, and decent quality for a buffet. My favorite part of any Asian buffet is the sushi. This place has a decent selection of sushi and it was fresh and good. Plenty of rolls, unagi, tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sushi, which made me happy, and everything was refilled constantly. Decent fried dumplings that were not hard and greasy from languishing on the steam table, some sweet bean buns, and shu mai as well as the usual appetizers. Now for the bad part--predictably, the place was a zoo on Saturday night. We got there just in time before the major onslaught that resulted in crowds of people waiting for tables in the small lobby area. You really had to be careful not to get mowed down around the buffet stations. Not my idea of a lovely dining experience and while I might go back again at some off-time, I would never go on a weekend again. We went to acccomodate my house guest who loves Chinese buffets and it's not a bad one, but I would have preferred to sit and be waited on at just about any decent Chinese restaurant.

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            To our Eastern Delaware County chow pals, if you haven't tried it yet, check out the Hong Kong Noodle and Duck House on Garrett Road near Edmonds Ave. in Drexel Hill. It''s still their grand opening, we've been there twice, loved it, and are thrilled to have it in the 'hood. It's a small place that does lots of take-out and has tables to dine in, which we did, and it was pleasant. The small staff is nice and this place is owned by the people who brought us the Sang Kee restaurants, which explains the quality. They have the usual Chinese fare to please the masses, but the focus is on noodle dishes and soups and Peking duck, which I recommend very highly. Their hot and sour soup is delicious and (imagine) actually both hot and sour! Please give the place a try--we want them to do well and stick around!

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          I think you mean Old Town Buffet. It's in Abington, underneath the Target. It's ok, I guess. I haven't been in several years. Always found it to be average. Not terrible, but not especially good either. Then again, I don't think food sitting around in steam trays can ever really be very good.

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            Thanks for the info! I agree about food sitting around and frankly, I hate going to any of these places on a weekend. Ruby Buffet on Delaware Avenue is actually good but I would never go there on a Saturday. Was there once on a Sunday and had to contend not only with crowds, but even a huge family reunion that was taking place right in the middle of the restaurant--ugh!

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              Ruby is awesome! Though I haven't built up the courage to try the raw oysters yet.

              1. re: barryg

       neither, Barry. I draw the line there!