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Where to buy good, not too expensive, pancetta locally?

Need it for a Jacques Pepin white bean recipe. Thanks.

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    1. Marin Sun Farms used to have it, but I haven't seen it there recently. The Pasta Shop has it for ~$17/lb, but I've started to get their guanciale (cured jowls) instead because it has a meatier flavor and is cheaper (~$10-$12/lb). Guanciale goes great with beans. If you get the guanciale, make sure to wipe off the herbs and spices first, or ask them to do that before they slice it.

      The Berkeley Local Butcher Shop has their own bacon, but I've not seen pancetta there.

      1. The recipe probably doesn't call for very much. A couple of slices of molinari at a meat counter shouldn't cost that much at places like the Pasta Shop.

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          I should have restricted my search area to the East Bay.

          I imagine I can buy Molinari at Genova Deli. If I'm buying at $17/lb at Pasta Shop, I might as well go "whole hog" and step across the threshold to Cafe Rouge.

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            I really like Fra Mani and know that Molinari is good but the link that Wolfe posted is for packages, and I have never bought it that way. I have bought both these and la Quercia at Andronicos. Cafe Rouge makes a tasty pancetta and will give you samples if you are willing to taste cured rather than cooked pork.

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              I recall that Magnani had 2 types in the case (a few months back).

            2. Lucca deli on Valencia & 22 St. in the Mission, San Francisco.

              1. Ratto's in downtown Oakland:


                Convenient to BART.

                1. If you want a locally made, hand-crafted product, I recommend The Fifth Quarter Charcuterie, owned by Scott Brennan (former head butcher at Cafe Rouge). You can find his booth at the Berkeley Farmer's Market on Saturdays and Kensington Farmer's Market on Sundays. I've enjoyed everything I've tried from him.

                  His post on facebook for this week's offerings:

                  "This week in Charcuterie. Goat... Sugo, Saratoga Roast, Top Sirloin Roast, Bacon, Ham, Shanks, Stock, Chops, and Merguez. Wow. I will also have Boudin Noir with Monukka Raisins, Mexican Chorizo, Toulouse, and Hot Dogs. Duck liver Pate, Smoked Duck Breast, Duck Pate, Duck Confit, Pork Pate with Black Splendor Plums, Spicy Trotter Terrine, Head Cheese, Liverwurst, Chicken Galantine with Hazelnuts. Plus Stocks, Fats and a few other treats like always. See you there."


                  1. I think the Boccalone pancetta is pretty great. I didn't think it would be much different than the ones in the deli case but it is (it's not just salty, it's flavorful too). If you only need a small amount it might be interesting to try since the cost will still be pretty reasonable. They bring stuff to Sun Claremont DMV farmer's market, not sure if pancetta though.