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Feb 17, 2012 12:29 PM

Eclectic Tasting Menus in Seattle?

Hello, all,

I'm going to be in Seattle for a conference in mid-June. Going to be taking myself out to dinner and I'd like to celebrate with something weird. Think Seattle's version of wd~50. What do you have? I'm looking for:
- Weird and whacky
- Tasting menu-based
- Good wine list
- Within taxi distance of the Fairmont Olympic (or at least close enough that I can stumble back mildly drunk)

Price is not an object if the food is exceptional. Sock it to me!

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  1. Sadly I have no restaurants to report to you that follow that criteria, if you find some please tell me. However I do suggest Revel, Spinasse and Bisato for some good meals in Seattle

    1. The closest thing you will find to your criteria, I believe, is going to be Spur Gastropub. But while they use a fair amount of molecular gastronomy, its not really in the wacky way that Wylie Dufresne uses it at WD50. I do not know of any restaurants in the area that are doing "weird and wacky". Perhaps you can do the tasting menu at Spur and then go and grab some drinks and bar snacks at Unicorn to get the wacky part you seek. Good luck!

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        Spur and Mistral Kitchen were the only two that I could think of that have anything in common with wd~50.

      2. Pasta Freska is a comfortably raucus oddball on Westlake. Mike will ask about allergies and preferences and if you want wine. Sit back and wait for the flow of courses to begin. Wacky, indeed, and lovely.
        Wacky in another way, but quiet, Elemental is another delight. Go in, sit down, do whatever the man says, don't ask too many questions, enjoy.
        Perche No?, in Fremont, won't be wacky much, beyond being an Italian joint run by David and Lily Wong. He cooks, she runs the house. Just ask them what you should have and they'll take care of you, in a most personable way. March 19, they're doing Malaysian night. Do not miss this. A real one-off (well, an only-now-and-then off).