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Feb 17, 2012 11:53 AM

Reasonably priced meats?

I just moved to Minneapolis, super premium grass fed beef abounds at premium prices and I just saw a top half leg of lamb for 50 dollars at Lunds. .Is there anywhere to get reasonably priced lamb shoulder for example? What about the Halal markets or Latino markets, any ideas?

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  1. I hear the lamb is cheap and good at holyland on central.

    1. Yes, try Holy Land for lamb. Also, Bill's Imported Foods on Lake street has lamb cheaper than grocery stores. It is frozen. Some of the prices at Byerlys/Lunds are just silly, but they do have good sales once in a while.

      1. To be clear, do you want grass fed beef, or are you bemoaning the fact that only "super premium" meat abounds?

        I would call local butchers to see if the have what you want. Holy Land is another solid option. They have a Midtown global location, and Grassroots Gourmet is also there, and can offer some dairy/meat options. I wouldn't discount the ethnic grocers either, and we have them in spades.

        Von Hansons, the local chain, has very reasonable prices on high quality meats.

        I get where you are coming from, though. Our grocery stores are insane. You have Cub charging luxury prices for a third-world shopping experience, and Byerly's making you pay for freaking carpet.

        On the plus side, the failure of our grocery stores has (I would argue) opened the door for co-ops and CSAs. I would look into those as well.

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          Thanks for the lead on Holy Land docfood. galewskj I saw Bills the other day and will have to check that out too. Keven47 maybe it wasn't clear, but there is no problem in finding quality grass fed beef here, it has been available everywhere I've shopped so far. I'm just looking for some affordable stuff like regular chuck for soup and stews, inside and outside skirt steak, and maybe short ribs that don't come with sticker shock. And the prices I saw for lamb were just silly, like more expensive than Japan. On the bright side, the variety of reasonably priced produce even in the middle of winter has been a real joy and not having to worry about radioactive contamination (a big problem in Japan, my former home) is a relief.

          1. re: steamer

            Lamb locally has been really short, so that has caused the spike in the price for the pasture fed, which has driven up the non pasture market as well...current retail for chops was $35 at clancey's and kowalski's!!! Super volatile market with high demand and short production numbers this year will do that.
            The wedge is the best for the short rib price ~$3.50/lb all grass fed. Ground beef is high right now across the board too, but chuck/arm from a good local producer should be in the mid $4's a lb, which will play against any feedlot within a dollar. Skirt has gone from value to premium, near $10 for pasture fed local stuff, but you can still get in on the low side at most of the mexican butchers in town. Note: The local producers usually do not differentiate between inside/outside so variance can be huge. I generally stick with the meat counter at Seward Co-op and end up eating a lot more chuck and sirloin than everything else...

        2. If you don't need grassfed, sustainably raised: it's been awhile since I've been, but try La Alborada on Lake St. or the Mexican butcher in Midtown Global Market. (I hope they are still good). Also, maybe Widmer's on St. Clair in St. Paul.


          1. My frugal brother-in-law shops at Everett's in S Mpls (38th & Cedar). His budget doesn't run to grass-fed, humane/sustainably raised meat, alas, but he insists on quality with good prices. When I made a ton of braised short ribs a few years ago, Everett's had a good price and a great selection. And real, old-fashioned butchers, too. But I don't think they do much lamb (if any).

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            1. re: AnneInMpls

              Everetts has lamb, usually in the freezer on the back wall. Chuck roast at everetts(they call it the bread and butter roast) $3.99. Grass fed/pasture fed ~$4.50. Just saying, its more of a flavor thing than the ethics if you want it to be, but there is that whole side to it. Best thing about everetts is that they will grid beef while you wait, so sirloin can happen, and it is about as clean as you can get. Pre ground beef is pretty terrifying, imo. They get there beef from the IBP.

              1. re: mitch cumstein

                Went to Bill's and got a big American lamb shoulder for 3.99 a pound and a leg of lamb for 4.99. Now we can get on with the prep for Mongolian New Year. Thanks everybody for teaching me about Minneapolis. Next up a trip to Wedge and Everetts.