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Apr 18, 2001 09:24 PM

In dire need: Riverside/Hemet

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Does anyone know of a good dinner restaurant in Riverside and/or Hemet? Know about Mission Inn and Duane's but looking for something else..Mexican & Italian OK; Asian not.

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  1. My favorite restaurants in the Hemet area are Duke's (steak house), Los Bonitas (mexican), and the Bullpen (sports bar in San Jacinto). Hope that helps!

    1. Mario's (across from Mission Inn), Ciao Bella (Spruce and Chicago), Gerard's (Magnolia Ave.), or Ancho's Mexican Grill.

      1. wow 7 years and finally answered.

        Las Morelianas - the SD carnitas specialist at the Imperial farmers market and neighbor of Super Cocina recently opened an outpost in Hemet close to the Florida and San Jacinto Sts junction.

        Go here!

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          I can't believe you bit and answered this post. I vote for the Dairy Queen at the corner of sanderson and florida(I think)

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            Raxx Barbecue and Brewery is excellent. The fried pickle is delicious.

            If you are willing to drive to Redlands, there are several excellent restaurants clustered around downtown, The Farm, Joe Greensleeves, Gourmet Pizza.
            There is also good sushi but you said no Asian.

            There is also a good very old locals place called The Tartan. It serves American food. Its like going back in time to the 1950s or 1960s. Its a hoot to see all the locals who have been going there for decades. The food is very good if you like classic American food.

        2. In Hemet, for Italian go to Dattilo's. The owner makes gnocchi to order.

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            We spent the winter here in Hemet and I agree with the previous poster.Dattillo's is an old family Italian restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner. Most all of the folks that work there are family. Everything made fresh everyday.They don't even make their raviloi ahead. A bit pricey, but not out of line. Make this a dining experience. If you don't have a couple of hours.....don't go. We went about 4 times this winter. Fabulous food. Slow but decent service. Reservations for 6 or more. 1100 E. Florida Ave.

            As far as Mexican, we liked La Fogota (about 3000 W. Florida Ave.) I grew up in south TX and love this kind of food. I love the enchilidas, tamales, chili verde, chili colorado, etc. Very reasonable lunch and good food. Great service. Quick. Most lunch combos are $5.99. Clean and friendly folks, nice facility. Enjoy!