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Feb 17, 2012 10:51 AM

Anyone know where in the Burbs (montco) that I can get Fastnachts

do any ch'ers here know where I can score some fastnacht's for Fat Tuesday this year?


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  1. They have them at Henning's Market in Harleysville and Landis Markets (probably all locations, Telford, Vernfield, and Perkasie--but that's Bucks County). Also I know various fire companies and churches sell them as a fund-raiser. Frieden's Church in Sumneytown has them for sure. Probably could find the church on a web site. The fund raiser ones are the "real" ones--plain, to eat with syrup. Don't be late--you will be The Fastnacht if you are the last one out of bed that day!

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      Yum yum in Colmar/Lansdale definitely has them. (Corner of 309 and Broad.)

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        Yum yum in Colmar is so good. I love to go the night before around nine pm or so and see the boxes and boxes of pre-orders stacked high. They have several different kinds. I always get six of the glazed potato donuts and then a mix of the others. /drool.

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        I have a friend who told me that the Frieden's Church were doing pre-orders that ended on the 13th :-(

        does Yum Yum have the "real" fastnachts??

      3. Merrymead Farm on Rt. 363 in Worcester has 'em.

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          Yes, they advertise for Fastnachts Day but I think they are just selling their regular doughnuts. I did not grow up with the tradition but understand that the real deal is something quite different.

        2. The Dutch Oven Bakery on Ridge Pike in Limerick makes pretty good ones!

          1. Got mine from Yum yum and the white boxes were piled high. Now if I can just wait til tomorrow. They smell so good!