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Feb 17, 2012 10:50 AM

Del Posto-Lunch?

Thinking about going to Del Posto for Lunch next week. Do they still have the great $29 lunch? Whats good on the current menu?

Thanks for your help


Del Posto
85 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

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  1. They still have the $29 lunch.
    Everything on the menu is great.

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    1. re: famdoc

      Was just there for valentine's day lunch (they had the $29 lunch). Food and service were both great. First class all the way.

    2. What famdoc said. Also, for only $10 extra, you can expand the lunch to a full four courses - that way you don't have choose pasta OR secondi, you get both. Still a steal, even at $39.

      1. Three of us had lunch at Del Posto about two weeks ago and each of us ordered different antipasti & secondi so that we could share. These are what we ordered: * Antipasti: Vitello Tonnato (veal with tuna sauce), Lobster (10 Supp), Beef & truffle carpaccio (15 supp) * secondi: Sardinian lamb, Heritage pork alla Paesana, Cacciucco (Italian sweet shrimp stew) * Dolci: Butter Scotch Semifreddo, Sfera (Celery & Fig Agrodolce & Celery Sorbetto), Spezzata (Crushed Chestnuts, Red Wine Plums & Yogurt Gelato) * Petit fours We spent $29/ person X three people + $10 supp. + $15 supp. plus tax & tip. Great food, wonderful service... Overall, it was almost a steal! :) For more photos:

        Del Posto
        85 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

        1. Skip the gnocchi, otherwise a very successful meal at a great price.

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          1. re: uhockey

            We went there recently for a prix-fixe lunch. Beautiful decor, excellent service, live piano music - altogether excellent value for the price. The food was the weakest part, though - while dessert and the first course were very good, the rest was average and not very memorable. For me it's a perfect place to take a guest who doesn't care that much about food.

          2. was just there on friday, and the $29 lunch ends with march. asked the waited about it. beginning of april brings the beginning of the $39 lunch.

            however, that being said, after eating there on friday, i would have definitely paid 39 for it anyways. I personally had the veal starter, the spinach garganelli, and the ricotta torte. they were all delicious... as was everything else (we went with enough people that just about everything was ordered by someone and sampled by all)

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            1. re: mattstolz

              The Del Posto website is already saying the lunch is $39, I hope that that's a mistake and it's still $29 because I'm going this Friday, the last lunch opportunity in March. Is the $90 Tradizionale lunch worth the extra money?

              1. re: jewelin

                its been listed at $39 for a couple weeks now, to prepare people i believe. but according to my server, as long as you make it before march ends, you will still be paying $29. as for the 90 being worth it, cant speak for that cuz we didnt try it... but i CAN speak for the fact that i had PLENTY to eat with the 29.