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Feb 17, 2012 10:29 AM

American Test Kitchen & Cooks Country Do Not Care About Canadians.

After trying on 3 different occasions, to sign up for their 14 day free trail for Cook's Country, I sent them an email telling them about the problem. I got an email back asking which website, and for my information. I sent off my information and waited over a week for a reply. Nothing happened except the automated reply. Other than that, I was ignored.
I decided to call them. The customer service lady, told me that the website has problems with the Canadian postal codes, even though they have Canadian provinces listed in the State abbreviations. She could help me sign up. That was, until I told her I wanted the 14 day trail, to see if it was worth it. She talked to her supervisor, and came back to tell me that Canadians cannot sign up for the trail membership. Any bonus offers, also do not apply to Canadians. I read on another Chowhound posting, that the free issue of Cook's Illustrated is only a promo brochure, not a regular issue anyway.
I enjoy the ATK shows that I see on WNED, out of Buffalo. I can even put up with the corny Chris Kimbell. I have learned some good tips and techniques, from the show. What I do not like is the constant emails that they send me about deals that they have already emailed me about. I also don’t like the fact that when you sign up to get this year’s recipes, they only give you part of the recipe. You get the chicken recipe, but not the pan sauce you make from the drippings. They call the recipe one name on the show, but list it under a different name, on the website.
The products they test, are not easily available in Canada.

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  1. Listen--it is a blessing in disguise that you are not able to sign up for the trial. You will be innundated with spam and they will nickel and dime you for every cent--you'll end up hating ATK and Cook's Country. Do yourself a favor--just watch the shows on TV. I am too fond of Canadians to allow them to be placed into a state of frustration and anger over Mr. Kimball's seedy empire.

    1. I'd suggest sticking with the magazines and books you can find bookstores; better yet used books.

      A lot of the products they test aren't even available across the USA. I listen to the reviews to learn more about the judging criteria than the brands. For example some years I saw their review of bread knifes, and ended up buying one that matched their winning criteria, but was a different brand. I have been quite happy with that selection.

      1. ATK doesn't care much about us south of the border either. Horrible pricing terms/emails/service/complicated everything. Basic cookery is fine but the "ethnic" recipes are deeply insulting. I Chris Kimball can't buy an ingredient at his one horse town then it doesn't exist.

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