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Feb 17, 2012 10:28 AM

Dim Sum? Yes, I know it is an often asked uestion

As reported in a posting to this board a few months ago, I am still feeling lost by virtue of the closings of both the Fortune (supposedly reopening in the old Pink Pearl space) and the Spicy Court, both of which were at the top of our list for ordered dim sum. Kind suggestions of others on this board led us to try the Neptune in Richmond and Dai Tung in East Vancouver. Both were fine, but in my judgment not especially better than San Sui Wah on Main (which can be good, but not consistently so). Ergo, here I am again to ask whether anyone has found new or improved options for traditional dim sum. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sounds like Oakridge area is most convenient to you, Peter ?

    If you haven't, try Golden Ocean in Kerrisdale (opposite McD's):

    Grayelf will recall if they have pushcarts or not. Can get pretty busy on the weekend so either go early or call ahead to see if they take resos (suspect not).

    There's also Golden Harvest on Main @ 32, opposite Clarkdale VW. But Grayelf who most recently reported they're a bit hit & miss:

    If you can venture down to the bottom of Cambie @ Marine Drive, The Roc recently moved there from their previous location on Kingsway. I DS'd there twice and both times were quite decent:

    (reviews are based on their old Kingsway location):

    And just up the street, Flamingo @ 59th is still alive and breathing but I haven't DS'd there in more than 10 years so I've no idea how they stack up.

    Then there's Red Star on Granville in Marpole. Perhaps the closest in quality (maybe even better and more consistent) you'll come to Sun Sui Wah. Red Star's BBQ duck is to die for !

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      Golden Ocean is still pushcarts AFAIK (but be sure to confirm) and you can (and should, IMO) make reservations, particularly on the weekend.

      I recently had dimsum at Sun Sui Wah on Main and they seem to have improved things a bit since my last trip there in Aug 2010 (yes, I was browned off at them after the change from carts and the subsequent dive in quality I experienced). Still not stellar but better.

    2. Tried the Golden Harvest for dim sum yesterday. Excellent steamed port buns and har gow. But the sticky rice wraps and steamed peanut dumplings were disappointing, especially the latter, in which the wrapper was very heavy.

      Golden Harvest Seafood Restaurant
      4818 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V3R8, CA

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      1. re: Peter Rodgers

        I think I would really dig "port buns" ;-)

        Next new DS creation ....... "vodka dumplings" [grin]

        I guess some items are good there, and some less so.

        1. re: LotusRapper

          Sign me up for the port buns and vodka dumplings! Might make dim sum with the family even more entertaining and ridiculous than it already is. Bwa ha ha....

          1. re: bdachow

            For all the razzing, I at least should get some stupendous new recommendations. By the way, I went by the site of the old Pink Pearl and saw no evidence that Fortune was moving in.