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Feb 17, 2012 09:35 AM

Saturday Breakfast/Brunch near Thomas Circle

Hello! We're staying at the Donovan House in Thomas Circle next weekend. Where should we get breakfast/brunch in the area Saturday morning? After eating, we'll be heading towards the Verizon Center for the Georgetown game, so anywhere between the 2 spots would be ideal, but we have plenty of time to go out a bit of our way for something delish.

Also, we're going to Tabard Inn on Sunday with a local who loves it, so that's out for Saturday.

And, randomly, what are the thoughts on the in-house restaurant, Zentan? Has anyone ever had their breakfast?

Thank you!!

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  1. I have never had the Zentan breakfast... I have eaten there on other occassions and it was fine, good sushi.

    The problem is some places only serve brunch on Sunday like Lincoln and Birch and Barely. Masa 14 is good, but not in the same direction you are going. You might look at Acadiana, Poste, Matchbox, the Source and see if any have Saturday brunch, they are near the Verizon Center.

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      Thank you! I looked into your suggestions. Saturday brunch is available at The Source (dim sum...could be interesting), Matchbox, Poste, but not at Acadiana. Masa 14 also looks good. Might be worth going out of the way for it. Thanks again!

    2. Estadio and El Centro also has brunch on Saturdays!