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Feb 17, 2012 09:27 AM

Folia Grill: pork gyros is not your typical gyros...its ridiculously amazing

I dropped by Folia today for a quick lunch. I ordered my usual order - chicken gyros - and asked them how their pork gyros was selling.
They said they just added it to the menu a month ago, and so far, so go.
They offered me some of the meat to try, and I'm not one to say no to good food.

I typically wouldn't choose pork if i were getting souvlaki/gyros/grill. I tend to like what chicken and lamb do on a grill and how they marinade. So i wasn't sure what to expect from the pork gyros.

They presented me with 6 healthy nuggets of freshly-sliced pork gyros meat. The outside has a beautiful crisp char from the spices/marinade and from being in the rotisserie. i put the first bit of meat in my mouth and it was a ridiculous flavour explosion.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was the one of the most memorable pork dish I've tried (the others, as a quick reference, would be Chez L'ami Jean in Paris and, for local comparisons, Foxley's and Buster Rhino's ribs).

Since it opened, I've been saying that Folia Grill's one of the only worthwhile Greek-style restaurants in the Danforth. Admittedly, its based on the chicken gyros that they do to perfection (and for a great value). I may have to switch my eating allegiance to the swine side after having that sample.

If they pack the pork gyros up like they do with the chicken gyros (fries, onion, tomatoes, home-made tsatsiki wrapped in a slightly seared pita), then man, this could be dangerous. they're within walking distance, or soon-to-be rolling distance.

Price: gyros and a juice plus taxes = $10. And I am stuffed.

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  1. Thanks for the report, been wanting to try them out to, I'm impressed that they seem to have managed to go through the change of ownership without losing what made the place good.

    1. keep telling everyone we know to go here - we've been frequenting since they opened and they are the only Greek place we'll eat is simple but expertly prepared, it's the Greek burger's priest, simple but done to perfection. wish toronto had more places like this.

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      1. re: pippineast

        owner said that since the Toronto Life review, business has doubled, which is excellent for them.

        food is simple, its fresh, its seasoned perfectly and its priced right.

        1. re: pippineast

          I totally agree, Folia Grill is the Greek Burger's Priest.

          Is Burger's Priest the only Continental place you'll eat at?

          Xaxaxa! ;-)

        2. I've been meaning to post about these. I went in specifically to try the pork gyro when I heard they were adding it to the menu. I wouldn't have believed that I would be so easily swayed from ordering the chicken gyro (which I love). The pork gyro is freaking amazing! The seasoning is perfect and an absolute flavour explosion. And yes, it is loaded up the same way the chicken one is.

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          1. re: cheesymama

            its funny...
            try telling someone who loves good about a ____ gyro you had. their eyes glaze over.
            these aren't your typical street meat fast food gyros.

            the gyros at Folia and the special tibs at Dukem are two of the tastiest foods you'll find in the east end. flavour-wise, i'd choose them over BP any day (personal preference, but hey). the seasoning is perfect, the meat is good quality meat and its cooked to perfection.

            I'd add these to any "Toronto Must Have Foods" list.

            1. re: atomeyes

              The pork gyro at Folia is probably the greatest food bargain in the city. Crispy, juicy, lemony heaven.

              I had one 30 minutes ago and could not eat so much as an after dinner mint right now without grievous results.

              It must have weighed about a pound and a half.

              My only complaint is a bit too much tzatziki, best intentions but it is hard to look dignified when tzatziki is dripping off one's elbows.

              The owner is friendly and appears to be genuinely committed to growing the business with good food and good value.

              Note: The hours posted on the web site are incorrect. Folia opens at 11:30 M-F and 12:00 on Saturdays.

              1. re: sumdumgoy

                Re: the mint.

                "It's only wafer thin."

                John Cleese

                1. re: Davwud

                  That is indeed the mint to which I was referring!

          2. Having recently become regulars at Folia Grill (thanks CH!), I was eager to try the pork gyros as the newest addition to their menu. Like everything we've tried, they are incredibly tasty, fresh and generously served. The seasoning is quite different from the chicken gyros, but they are equally moist with delicious crispy bits and a tiny bit of fat here and there to round out the experience. Yesterday our meal consisted of 1 pork gyros pita, 1 pork gyros plate with salad and 3 drinks. The total, including tax, was $21.70. This was easily enough food for 3. All this with pleasant, clean surroundings, friendly service and attention to detail, including real cutlery and amazing, imported Greek feta on the village salad that you not will likely find elsewhere in the city...even the pita and the tzatziki are so much better than average.

            Tremendous taste and value. Beats the Danforth for grilled meats and salads any day.

            Folia Grill
            1031 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3V9, CA

            1. Comes as no surprise. They do some damned fine things there.

              Is Steve still there?? I know he said he was there "For now" during the ownership change but it didn't sound like he was committed long term.


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              1. re: Davwud

                Yes, Steve is still there, I didn't ask about the longer term.

                1. re: sumdumgoy

                  It was a few months ago. He had no plans either way. Just a "We'll see."


                  1. re: Davwud

                    I was there this afternoon and spoke with Ben, the new owner, and Steve. They both confirmed that Steve is there to stay. He said let everyone know he is not going anywhere.

                    I thanked Ben for only adding to the menu, and leaving my favourite items alone - namely the Zucchini fries and pork belly souvlaki.

                    We tried the pork gyros and while it was good, we still prefer the chicken gyros and pork souvlaki better.

                    Whatever you choose, those are some huge sandwiches filled with tasty meat!

                    My only complaint, which I keep forgetting to mention to them, is when getting take out, they put the napkins at the bottom of the bag... which get oozed on by those stuffed to the brim sandwiches... or is it there to protect the bag... hmmm?