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Driving from DC to Philadelphia

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Any place that is worth stopping on the way for lunch?

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  1. Chaps pit beef........north of the Baltimore tunnels.....

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        If you start splitting hairs, there are better versions in the area, but they make a perfectly acceptable pit beef!

    1. On the north side of the Baltimore tunnels...

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        I agree with the Samos rec. Not far off highway. Worth a detour, Cash only.

      2. My usual pitstop is for ice cream at Bloom's Broom dairy in Belair. They also have sandwiches and salads to complete the meal, but the ice cream's the real reason to go (I'm pretty sure they have combination meals that include ice cream!)

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          Chaps has decent pit beef is it worth a stop on short time from DC to Philly that is debatable

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            I like that place. The sandwiches are solid, there are good crab soups, and the ice cream is top notch. Plus it's situated ON the farm and if it's nice out we love to sit outside. Good rec!

          2. Clarences of New Orleans, in Edgewood, less than 10 minutes off 95 exit 77.

            1. Don't know when you will hitting lunchtime, but when you skirt Wilmington, Delaware by using Rte 495, exit # 5,. go back south on Philadelphia Pike for about a mile and Claymont Steaks will be on your left, a very decent cheesesteak.

              1. Stop early and get tacos at R&R Taqueria. It's in a Shell station just east of I-95 on Rte 175 in Elkridge. These are the tacos that made the WPost's 2011 dining guide where the critic picked 40 restaurants in the entire region. http://www.washingtonpost.com/gog/din...

                Plus, the food in Philadelphia is good enough that I'd recommend arriving hungry. You can go straight for a cheesesteak or a Capogiro gelato.

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                  This. On both counts. If anything else, Grace Garden, Lily's, or one of the taco trucks. But I'd go with R&R for a road trip to not take too much time off the clock.

                2. Grace Garden Chinese Odenton MD for over the top fantastic chinese
                  Attmans Famous Deli Lombard St Baltimore for Jewish style iconic deli
                  Snyders Willow Grove Linthicum MD (off 695) for crabcakes

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                    I second all three of these (though I already mentioned GG). Snyders is just off 95 and is a time traveling experience along with the food.

                  2. Grace Garden has already been mentioned. Hunan Taste in Catonsville is equally, though differently, good. You can find many threads on both of these places. They are destination restaurants for me, though the family-run GG tends to get more of my business when I'm in DC. Their Sichuan stir-fried pork belly is often my last meal when I'm heading home.

                    If you go to GG, be sure to order from the traditional menu, not the Americanese one that helps them to pay the rent bills so they can cook what they really care about.

                    1. My Three Sons in Edgewood MD (near Bel Air), <5 mins off 95 (at Rt 24, I think) -- excellent pita/gyros, subs, pizza.

                      1. If you're near Wilmington, Lucky's Diner is a nice retro joint. Standard diner fare, but the interiors are pretty awesome.


                        The Charcoal Pit is another diner-ey joint. This one's been around forever and makes a decent char broiled burger.