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Feb 17, 2012 07:14 AM

Lynchburg, Virginia?

I just looked around a bit and saw that the last conversation about eateries in Lynchburg, VA was in late 2009. Any tips, anyone? Looking for a full range of tips, especially in the middle end, the best bagels/breakfast, the best (craft) beer bar... thanks!

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  1. For a local brewery, there's Jefferson Street Brewery (; WaterStone Pizza ( also serves their brews. Shoemaker's Grille ( is also in the same complex and on the higher end.

    Other options:

    Macados ( - an old favorite, just about any kind of sandwich that you can imagine

    Disclaimer -- the rest of these, I don't have personal experience with, but am told are decent by friends who live in the area:

    The Neighbor's Place (
    )Dish ( -- Small plates & wine bar
    Market at Main (
    Muse Coffee Company (http://the-muse-coffee-company.myshop...
    )Carol's Place (
    )Lorraine Bakery (
    )Sunrise Cafe (


    Hope that helps! Report back and let us know how it goes!

    1. We love Market at Main's sweet potato pancakes and fried green tomatoes. Just up the street is the Texas Inn, famous for its chili and greasy Cheesy Westerns. If you like beer and feel like exploring, Blue Mountain Brewery ( is a must see. Excellent beers in a gorgeous setting with food created from locally sourced meats and veg.

      1. A little outside of Lynchburg, but worth the trip in my mind is Thai Siam ( ) as their meals are quite tasty. I can recommend most of the menu, but certainly their duck curry. A call there is recommended to make sure they are open if you're making the drive.

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          I have to second the Thai Siam suggestion. I am not familiar with restaurants in Lynchburg, but Thai Siam is one of the best place I have ever eaten, hands down. There have been some other threads on Thai Siam, so you might want to look through the archives for reviews, but everyone seems to love the place.

        2. Are you looking for any particular part of town?
          In terms of breakfast places: I agree that Market on Main (downtown) is a fun place. There is a new bagel shop called Jerry's Bagels on Old Forest Rd. I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to go there, but the bagels are good and they have reasonably priced sandwiches. Lorraine bakery in the Farmer's Market downtown is excellent.
          Waterstone Pizza serves it's own brews, BUT if you are looking for a huge selection of craft beers, I would head to Rivermont Pizza. They have a huge selection of interesting beers, and I think their pizza is better than Waterstones.

          Our favorites for dinner:
          Dish (downtown): small plates and wine bar. I believe they also have some pricing specials during the week that can be a pretty good deal.
          Bull Branch (also downtown). They have an eclectic menu and a good bar. There is a wide range of prices, from their bar food up to their more expensive (though still reasonable) entrees. The prices here also are good because they include the very high restaurant tax in their prices. Kind of funky vibe and very fun.
          Mangia (Italian. Located on Rivermont Ave) Though it is an Italian place, I generally don't order the pasta here, but love the meat and seafood specials. Also, if you are looking for food bargains, their happy hour (before 6 pm) offers amazing $2 apps. Nice outdoor seating if the weather is good.
          For lunch:
          Blue Marlin seafood. This is counter style dining, but the owner also has The Dalia next door which also has good food and more of a restaurant feel. Both offer high quality, but not fancy, food. The fish tacos are good.
          Milan Indian is also good for lunch if you are down on 29 South.
          Thai Siam that others have recommended is outstanding, but north of Lynchburg by a little drive.

          I would not recommend: Neighbors Place or Main Street Eatery. They aren't bad...just not great.
          Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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            We just went to a new restaurant in Lynchburg called Suzaku Cafe. In one of the least predictable combinations I could imagine, it is a combination sushi and crepe restaurant. Apparently the chef grew up in Hong Kong making sushi but has had a lifelong interest in crepes. So they have sushi rolls, traditional crepes, and sushi crepes (which are a savory crepe filled with sushi toppings). We went today for the first time, and I had the ocean crepe (which is filled with crab, tempura shrimp, eel, avocado, cucumber, and tobiko). It was delicious. We had planned to order some sushi too, but we were full after the sushi crepe, so that will need to wait until next time. Prices were very reasonable (crepes from $4-$7 and sushi combinations with 4 different half rolls for $7.99). Located on Old Forest Rd.

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              I like Main St Eatery. The chef is Austrian, so you do best with the Austrian dishes.

              And Silver Pig for BBQ.