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Feb 17, 2012 07:03 AM

in for a day

In TO for a day and want to walk from Dovercourt and College to Kensington Market and back up Dundas with supplies for a great dinner for 6 including 1 vegetarian. Also a spot for a lunch break.
Ideas?? It's 10 am and will be heading out in a good hour. Cheers

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  1. There are so many options I'm not sure which to choose from! Hadley's is doing brunch right at College and Dovercourt and there isn't the wait there is on weekends. As for along college depending on what you want there's hey meatball, burrito bandidos I'm not sure of the places open that are more high end, LAB is good and I haven't been to Grace since Dustin left. I'd stay away from most of the italian places at lunch as they are expensive for what you get and not very attentive at lunch.

    In kensington I'd say Le kensington for sit down or Agave Y Aguate for take out (no seating. It really depends on what your looking for. I also like Jumbo Empanadas but they may not be open. I'm not sure what's open on Dundas at lunch but Stay Away from The Lakeview!!! The food is fine at 3am (when drunk) but not fit to eat otherwise.

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      How about organic veggies, seafood monger, fresh herbs?? thanks for the reply, the Agave sounds like it's got good eats, if it's take out/stand up in winter and you're still cooking, must be doing something right. Every city has it's form of The Lakeview ours is called Lucy's and at 3 am it's rockin' but other times -----not so much.

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        I buy most of my fruit at Castle Fruit. It's at the corner of Kensington and Baldwin. It's a little more expensive than a few of the other places but super high quality for veggies herbs and fruit. They supply to most of the restos in the city. Seafood can be a bit hit or miss. Most of them are on Baldwin but i'd seriously look around. You didn't mention meat but Haugens is awesome and if you want sausage head to european meats.

        Sorry I just re read the organic. Theres a place on augusta at I think nassau that's all organic. Warning though it's very pricey even for organic. If you're at college and dovercourt I'd recommend checking out Sunshine first less selection but way cheaper! Agate is good I personally though would rather sit down at this time IMHO.

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          Also if your nervous about the freshness of the fish a lot of the large places in chinatown have pretty good counters and a lot of tank options! I can't remember the name but the one on the east side of spadina south of Dundas was particularly good llast time i was there!

          1. re: LexiFirefly

            well since I'm alone and on foot for the walking tour [nothing worse than driving by thinking that place looks cool] I'll take in all on the list and see how it goes, spend the rest of the day cooking up a feast for my sisters and co. cheers

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              Enjoy! It's a Beautiful Day for it!

        2. re: LexiFirefly

          Dustin left Grace? When? I was there a week and a half ago & he was definitely in the kitchen.

          1. re: toniad

            There was an article in the star about it on Valentines Day.