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Feb 17, 2012 06:47 AM

Should I cancel my Cooks Illustrated?

I get Fine Cooking, Cooks Illustrated, Fine Gardening, Threads, and so many more magazines you cannot believe it. I love my magazines, but really it is time to cull. I am on the fence about whether to let CI go. I have so many back issues that I could cook until kingdom come with them. I do like the reviews of new products. In the current issue, I just read their hint about pre-soaking brown rice, and although I have not tried it yet, well, that is something that could be extremely helpful as I am trying to go brown with rice, and I keep either burning it, or having it crunchy. So, then I think, "Oh I should keep this magazine" What do other people think? How has Cooks Illustrated changed or helped your cooking and your purchase of cooking supplies?

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  1. By all means if you don't find value in the product you should stop using it.

    1. I say you keep the subscription, if you cancel it you'll never know what you missed.

      1. What do you need CI for. You have Chowhound

        1. have you read '' all '' the magazines you currently have? are you current and up to date with their contents? are you ready to read the new ones that are coming?
          I got 2 new subscriptions for Christmas and haven't even taken the plastic off of them.
          I love magazines and have gotten many subscriptions over the years.
          honestly, when you have the time to read through them that's a good thing but I find that unless I'm in the vanpool and can read, I don't make the time.

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            Thanks everyone for replying. I posted the question, while I was laughing at myself as I scoured my brain for how to save money. I thought people could relate to the question. I love, love my magazines, yet the only time I read them is when trapped on the train. Yet, at that time, they are invaluable!!! Re: Cooks Illustrated. I tried their idea about pre-soaking the brown rice, and yippee, it worked!!! So, that settles it: I will retrieve the subscription notice from the trash. What I am curious about is this: which magazines have other people really liked? And why?

            1. re: carolee1945

              I have had favorites over the years that spoke to me about current times. Like a high school friend owned a dude ranch/camp in Malibu Mountains and he had an ad in Sunset magazine for years and years. So besides great recipes, I so loved seeing Glen's advertisement for his gorgeous ranch and camp, it always brought a smile to my face. It [Sunset] also could instantly bring me back to my Santa Monica routes as it was a Western magazine back then.
              A second: my girlfriend's gramma used to bring us fun magazines to work. During down times, I'd grab 'em and then couldn't put 'em down. The one I linked to is a favorite-the stories, the recipes, the pictures, the pen pals ads, all very fun to read. Very homey.


              1. re: iL Divo

                Oh, your post about Sunset magazine brought back the most wonderful nostalgic memories for me. When I was a newly-wed, we would visit my husband's grandmothers farm (read: cherries off the tree, grass fed beef that they raised themselves, organic oranges that tasted out of this world) She had Sunset magazine. I would pore over these magazines, got my own subscription, and that is how I learned how to cook. I loved their recipes and they never failed me. I still use them. Is the new Sunset just as good for recipes? I never use the new ones because I go to CI or FC when I want to do something new.

                1. re: carolee1945

                  I don't know about the magazine, but everything I have cooked from their recent Sunset Cookbook compilation has been wonderful.

              2. re: carolee1945

                I recently made a hard decision to give up Fine Cooking and Fine Gardening. I have all issues from number 1, as well as CI. FC seems to be all repeats. I truly am running out of space too. I also stopped Food and Wine, Martha Stewart and Food Network. I am only keeping CI and Bon Appetit.

            2. Following a recommendation in another thread on CH, I went ahead and ordered a bound book of CI on Amazon at a greatly reduced cost, for a gift for my daughter. Saved a bunch of money, no harrassing subscription pleas, plus it's bound and less messy than a bunch of magazines to store.