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Feb 17, 2012 06:06 AM

Best Seafood Restaurant ATL

Hey All,

I am looking for the best seafood restaurant in ATL. Price is not an issue. The group I am dining with eats at the best restaurants in Chicago and NYC.

Thanks for the suggestions in advance!

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  1. I would suggest Kyma or C&S.
    Friends recently very impressed with Goin' Coastal.

    I've never been impressed with Atlanta Fish Market (within Buckhead Life Group, I much prefer Kyma).

    Oceanaire always gets excellent reviews, but your group might not want a chain.

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    1. re: rcburli

      Thank you! We already have reservations at Kyma, looks like we will keep them!

    2. Red Snapper is an oldie but goodie--very laid back but food is terrific--to me better than Oceanaire

      1. Depending what part of town you'll be in, Ray's in the City or Ray's on the River might be good options.

        1. Kyma, as mentioned is good. I do like the Atlanta Fish Market, but I am guilty of mostly ordering the same dish. My last two experiences at C&S were so bad I will never go back.

          1. Kyma, without a doubt. It's a bit of a cliche, but you really do have to try the grilled octopus.