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Feb 17, 2012 05:56 AM

Mad Taco - Montpelier, VT GO... NOW

Mad Taco in Montpelier has finally opened. We stopped on Tuesday night after work and got an order of carnitas, colorado, and pastor tacos. All were pork with just a few different things. All were $8 (two tacos in each order). We also got a side of refried beans ($3). They have an array of like 14 sauces on the counter that you can take with you and they're mostly pretty hot, but very very tasty. My husband was at the height of his bad cold on Tuesday, and so couldn't really taste anything and wasn't even sure if he could eat the tacos (he managed it). I shared everything, and I loved it all. The colorado tacos had avocado on them and the meat was cooked in their colorado sauce, otherwise the tacos come with pork (a good amount of it) and onion (I ask for no cilantro, otherwise it looks like they put cilantro on everything). If you want queso or crema, that's extra. Each taco is made with two corn tortillas (I don't think they make their own but I could be wrong I didn't ask) so they stay together with no problem.

I loved it. Enough that I brought home more last night. He remembered me when I came in, and they were hoppin' busy. I saw tacos lengua on the board last night ($11 for two) and got those as well as carnitas and colorado, also a side of beans, again. Total was around $32 last night.

Fortunately my husband was feeling much better last night and was able to taste the tacos and try several of the sauces. He wasn't sure if they were too hot because his throat was still sore or because he didn't have anything (queso or crema) to help modify the heat, but he didn't really use them. He also loved them, though. We are in serious trouble. This place is just down the road from my husband's office. :)

The pork was fabulous (though very greasy on the carnitas tacos, I didn't mind the dribbly grease one bit, neither did my dog). It was well-cooked and lightly seasoned with a wonderful mouth-feel. The lengua tacos were brilliant, tender, flavorful, just... yum.

They serve breakfast and I can't wait to try their huevos rancheros. They also have patatas bravas for breakfast, burritos (wet and not wet), quesadillas, and a few other things that I just can't recall off the top of my head, and what looks like a changing specials board. There were two other specials that I didn't know what they were last night and didn't ask because I was so excited about lengua.

For those of you who have been longing for a good Mexican place in the area, you got it. Get thee to Mad Taco, NOW NOW NOW! :)

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation!

    We tried Mad Taco the other day, great (large) selection of homemade hot sauces as you have said. Tried the carnitas and chicken tacos. Loved the pork on the carnitas, the chicken was very mildly flavored. I also love the fresh cilantro (you either love it or hate it).

    Service was very nice and efficient.

    The one complaint I have is the humid-musty-funky smell of the place, it sort reminded me of an indoor hot chili pepper festival I attended once, not pleasant. They need better ventilation.

    1. I will also mention - you have to try "El Cortijo" in Burlington on Bank Street ... very fun spot and the food is very tasty.

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        Yah, we went there. Really liked Mad Taco better (which is unusual, normally it's the Burlington versions of things we prefer, so this time We Win!) ;) It's not a bad place at all, just like the pork better from Mad Taco.