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Feb 17, 2012 05:48 AM

Downtown STP

Concert tonite at the Xcel would like to take the wife out for some good eats. Was initially thinking Ruam Mit thai or something along those lines Any rec's would be appreciated.


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  1. Check out Amsterdam-- pretty good Dutch food and nice beer list.

    1. Meritage is great and close to the X. If looking for something a bit more informal their bar area is cozy and has a number of more affordable options. Otherwise, I like the food at Ruam Mit, but they have pretty much nothing as far as ambiance goes.

      Black Sheep has great pizza, but is a bit more of a hike from the X. Otherwise, of the joints on West Seventh, I'd say the LIffey and Downtown Woodfire are the best bets from a food standpoint.

      Amsterdam is also a cool place, but the focus is more so on the beer and music, though their food isn't bad, it's just not a dining destination in my mind (i.e., menu is more or less Dutch bar food/snacks served in paper trays). Good tap list though.

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        Meritage is a lovely place. Little more upscale than what I was thinking but a fine dining experience. Black Sheep is something we haven't tried and I actually like that idea. Thanks for the advice.