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Feb 17, 2012 05:47 AM

Trader Joe's coming to Sarasota.............

How lucky we are..... I was @ Trader Joe's in Naples yesterday and it was a ZOO.....
The parking lot is way too small to accommodate their needs.... You would think they were giving food away free. I think I counted 8 people waiting to checkout at every register.......
The former Rooms To Go showroom on 41 South is a perfect location, with plenty of parking in the rear of the building.... It appears that it might also be a little larger then most Trader Joe's stores which is great....I must say that their prices are very low...

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    1. re: veggiequeen

      Its True...
      Its on the front page of the Herald Tribune Newspaper Thursday edition.
      They bought the former Rooms To Go building on 41 South last week....
      Unless the paper is lying !!

      1. re: irwin

        Already started to remodel!! Yea! I was in Naples on Monday, still a zoo but able to find a parking spot in front of the store. Came back with bags of goodies! I have never been to a TJ that had a ton of parking,, but always more then enough. Once the initial mad house is over with it will be fine. So close to me...maybe 15 min, will be wonderful not to have to drag down bags of stuff from up north in the Fall. If I'm not mistaken Naples is 22,000 SF and ours will be 17,000.

        1. re: Mother of four

          Naples store is 14,000 sq ft., according to the original article, and ours is 17,000 sq. ft. That's pretty big for a TJ's isn't it? I've never been to one, but I'm a huge fan of ALDI already, and I know TJ is supposed to be a lot better - I love cheap gourmet and health food! We in Sarasota are so lucky to be here because we get so many great stores - I feel really spoiled!

          1. re: gypsyrose

            Now all we need are some decent ready to ware stores! Dillard's is horrible to shop in, Macy's is Macy's, Saks is way too small, and that's about all our choices aside from small bouquets which don't seem to exist here.
            The Naples store seemed to be fairly large, more like the newer one's that they have been opening, but 17,000 would be even better. None of the stores that I have been to have been very large.

    2. Happy Dance!!! I moved from Seattle to Florida in January, and am missing my Trader Joe's! We had them EVERYWHERE up in that area.........The only problem will be getting that frozen stuff home here in Clearwater without thawing...............hmmmmmmmmmm It will be WORTH the drive.......... (my mouth watering just thinking of all my fav's again)..........

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      1. re: Slingerss

        From what I hear Tampa is next on the list, so you will really be doing a Happy Dance!!!!

        1. re: Mother of four

          That would be even better. I did get on the Trader Joe's list of stores and it didn't say anything about where they were planning new stores. I really WISH they would offer Franchise's to people because I would open my own here, but they don't franchise out. They don't even have any stores in Hawaii, if you can believe it!

          Now my mouth is really watering. They have the BEST Carne Asada in their organic meats sections. It makes the BEST Fajitas or taco''s

          How far is Naples? LOL

          1. re: Slingerss

            About I hour and 45 min from here. It is on the north side of Naples so not too bad, but Sarasota will be so much better...about 15 from my house, just over an hour for you I would think.

            1. re: Mother of four

              An hour for me would be nothing. My old store in the Suburbs of Seattle took that long to get too,. This will be great having one even closer. With any luck they will open one in Tampa too, then I will be REAL happy.

        2. re: Slingerss

          Drove to the Naples location from Miami the weekend it opened. Bought tons of stuff, much of it refrigerated or frozen. Took a couple of coolers and after checking out at TJ's went to a nearby Walgreens and filled them up with ice. I intentionally bought some ice cream sandwiches (S'mores flavored that were delicious!) to test if things got too warm. Aside from the ice cream sandiwches slightly melting (as much as they would had I driven home from Publix with them) everything made it fine. Even arugula and pea shoots made it OK (the produces is a steal compared to Publix and there's items like blood oranges and meyer lemons that Publix doesn't even carry. I hate Publix). We've been enjoying the black bean taquitos and mango mochi for a few weeks now. Time to make another run soon!

          1. re: lax2mia

            Just wondering when Joe is opening. When it does it will probably be as exciting as the Unconditional Surrender statue getting knocked over.

            1. re: lovespinach

              Sometime this summer, I think. It's really looking good, drove by it last night.

              1. re: lovespinach

                TJ's in Sarasota opening date has been announced, and it is September 7th!
                Can't wait!!!

                1. re: triff

                  Along with te Costco opening scheduled for Aug 24th it should make for some good shopping for those of you that are there for the summer. Hopefully by the time that I return in late Oct the newness will have worn off.

            2. i frankly wasnt impressed by the selection at the naples trader joe's. I've been to several in California and the one in Naples seemed lacking to me. Maybe they were yet to receive their stock? Was on a recent Sunday, so perhaps.