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Feb 17, 2012 05:27 AM

City Feed and Supply, Jamaica Plain

While in Boston for a convention, my husband and I visited my daughter on a Sunday morning and decided to have a quick breakfast before our car trip home.

My daughter wanted to show us where she worked in Jamaica Plain, so that seemed like a good place to eat. As we passed City Feed and Supply on Centre Street, she said "Let's go there, I hear they have good food." So we did.

City Feed is a comfortable, "earthy crunchy" store/cafe. They sell a fair amount of organic-type produce and groceries, and make a wide variety of fresh sandwiches. We ordered breakfast sandwiches with sausage and eggs and I also ordered a scooped out bagel with a side of extra crisp bacon. Delicious. The bagel was one of the best I've had in years.

Sat down at one of their cafe tables to eat and enjoyed a very nice cappuccino. I'm a bit fussy about coffee, and don't drink it very often, usually only when I travel as a splurge. If it's bitter, I take one sip and I'm done. City Feed's cappuccino was smooth, no trace of bitterness, and as the last thing I imbibed on the trip, it was a terrific parting crown jewel.

This is a nice little neighborhood spot. If I worked or lived in the area, I'd be a frequent guest.

Once again, you lucky Bostonians.

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  1. it is a nice place and in my neighborhood and I just never think to go. Spot on about the coffee. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I once had a breakfast sandwich there, and thought it was kind of flavorless. Some of their lunch sandwiches are great though.

      1. I was in Boston very briefly this weekend, and I got two sandwiches from here to take on the plane.

        The tofu sandwich was banh-mi like, with a hoisin-peanut sauce and some veggies. I liked it, though it was a bit sweet. Good bread.

        The Italian sandwich was great. Cold cuts, olive oil/vinegar, and some roasted peppers and mildly hot peppers. Really much better than most Italian sandwiches I can get in SF, and this is not a place I would have thought of for buying a good Italian.