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Feb 17, 2012 05:16 AM

Are there any korean or malaysian restaurants close to Eaton Centre

Are there any Korean or Malaysian places within walking distances to Eaton Centre? Not looking for AYCE grilled meat but something comforting and hearty on a cold winter day for lunch. If not, guess my next best choice is Thai - Salad King?
Don't want to have lunch in the mall food court. Thanks.

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  1. Manpuku's pretty close by at the Grange. Udon, rice bowls. Cheap.
    I don't think Malaysian is anything you'll find around there.
    Korean... hmn.. not sure. There's also Ramen at Kenzo...!

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    1. re: jlunar

      Well, if you consider the Grange close enough, then there is Matahari Grill on Baldwin for Malaysian.

    2. There's BibimQ which would be a 20-minute walk north from Eaton's Centre.

      1. 12'O Lunch on Dundas (south side) near Chestnut is Korean. I've never been so can't vouch for quality. There's are review on BlogTO.

          1. re: blitz

            Ended up at Yummy BBQ. Never noticed it before so decided to try. Very good value and great service. So thanks for the rec.
            Had no idea it was next to Kenzo. But I've had Kenzo before. Funny how you walk by places all the time but don't know they're there.
            So great recs and thanks everyone. I will try Manpuku next time I go on a shopping spree.