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Mar 31, 2001 12:34 PM

Suggestions for dining in Sacramento

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I currently moved from san francisco to sacramento area and was wondering if there was any really good restaurants in the neighborhood. I heard that Slocum House and Christophe's were great but I need more opinions. Also are there any other nice restaurants other than these two? Thanks

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  1. Those are both very good restaurants although Slocum House Brunch was a disappointment last time. Check out Twenty eight and Chanterelle downtown for really nice occasions, great food. Mikuni has wonderful sushi in Fair Oaks and Roseville. Ernestos and El Novilero for mexican downtown and south of downtown. There's a great hole in the wall Indian food in old town Roseville called Jimmys, the service is iffy but the food is great. Tapa the World on J street is fun especially when its hot enough to sit outside. Get ready for the heat, it can be killer. I came from the Bay Area over 10 years ago and am still not used to it.

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      Hi John,

      In addition to Marilayne's great suggestions, let me also add to the list:

      Tower Cafe (16th and Broadway) - for a very good, eclectic menu. (Big Dogs, don't worry, no connection, so no shill). The desserts are heavenly.

      Zelda's Pizza (21st between N & O) - Fantastic Chicago style pizza! The place is an institution, and justifiably so.

      The Broiler (10th & J?) - Great steaks, fine seafood, without the price of Morton's.

      Club Pheasant (Jefferson Blvd. West Sacramento) - Funky kind of Italian / American restaurant, with a garlic steak sandwich that just melts in your mouth. Order the side of ravioli with it!

      As for the weather, I lived in Sac for 36 years, and thought I'd never miss the summers. Well, after 2 years here in Tokyo, I now truly appreciate the standard Sacramento summer caveat: "But it's a dry heat".


      1. re: Andy P.

        Also, Centro on J street! Love the authentic mexican food and awesome tequila list. Really a fun place. The bar gets crazy Thurs., Fri., and Sat. nights.

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        try bradly ogdens new resturant called birtch creek in roseville- very good

      3. We've lived here 27 years and things have changed....for the better as far as chowing down is concerned. For some reason or another, we tend to drift to oriental food whenever we go out, although special occassions call for dinner at Biba's, Piatti or Restaurant Bravo. Chinese - Ocean King on Stockton Blvd - lots of live seafood - lobster and crab of course, but also, razor clams, live shrimp, scallops, arc clams and frogs. Also good is New Station on Broadway and Yeung City and Far East Cafe on Freeport Blvd. Japanese - Futami's on Freeport Blvd. or New Edokko on Broadway. Korean - Seoul at La Riviera and Folsom Blvds. Vietnamese - Sai Gon on Stockton Blvd. or Hoa Viet on Broadway. Oriental food in Sacramento? You betcha! !

        1. My husband's family is from Sac and we go up there from Orange County at least once a month. Here are our usual hits for food:
          1. Lai Wah (5912 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95822 (916) 428-6183) for some really good Chinese food
          2. Jade Fountain (although the portions have shrunken through the years) (5021 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95822 (916) 451-8339)
          3. Pietro's #2 in Woodland for really good pizza, sandwiches, and fries
          4. Vince's for good steaks and prime ribs, as well as Italian favorite is the gnocchi (don't know the address, but this looks like the phone number (916) 423-1060)
          5. Cornerstone in Laguna for the best breakfasts (2330 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 (916) 441-0948 is the original, but a newer one in Laguna, don't know the address)

          And for the best place for dessert, hands down, is Vic's Ice Cream (3199 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818 Phone: (916) 448-0892). Homemade ice cream, sandwiches, soda fountain...all the best. The portions are astounding. I never have ice cream anywhere else but here. It's been a neighborhood landmark for many decades!

          1. Hello! I just recentley had a wonderfull dinner at The Broiler (12 & K) I don't know what was better my food or my server (I think his name was David) but it was awsome. You should try it out and ask for him. Welcome to Sacramento. Happy dining.

            1. That is a very general question about restaurants in Sacramento. There are many excellent places, depending on your preference. Just a short list:

              High End Dining: Waterboy, Mulvaneys Building & Loan
              Steaks: Chops, The Broiler
              Sit Down Mexican: Tres Hermanas, Centro Cocina Mexicana
              Breakfast: Cafe Bernado, Fox and Goose Public House
              Italian: Biba's, Spataro's, Espanol
              Asian: New Hong Kong Wok, Forbidden City, Fat's Asia Bistro
              Indian: Gaylord
              Hamburgers: Nationwide Meats (thick), In-N-Out (thin)
              Greek: Opa Opa
              Others: Jack's Urban Eats, Zelda's Pizza, Scott's Seafood, Freeport Bakery