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Feb 17, 2012 04:27 AM

Updating Appliances: Regular Microwave or Advantium -- that is the question

We have wall space that holds one regular oven and one microwave which isn't enough oven space for us, but it we've made it work. We've found one microwave -- GE Profile Advantium PSB1001NSS Stainless Steel On Black 120V - 27 in. Wall Oven with Speedcook Technology, True European Convection, Warming/Proofing Modes, Sensor Microwave, 16 in. Turntable, and Glass Touch Controls Stainless Steel on Black -- that appears to be our answer.

We've been researching this unit & it's received mixed reviews. It's a pricey unit and we hate to think that we're gambling with this product.

Anyone out there have experience with this particular model/brand?

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  1. hello 2chef,

    I am looking at the same GE Advantium. did you end up buying one? If so, how is it?


    1. I can only add that we stayed in a condo we rented a couple of years ago that had an Advantium oven. Hands down best baked potato I have ever had, anywhere. I've wanted an Advantium in our home ever since just for that reason.