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Feb 17, 2012 03:26 AM

"Gooey Rice Cake" Origin/Recipe?

years ago, my college professor brought us a snack he and his wife made (something traditional to her family, but can't pinpoint where she was from besides a place that celebrates and cooks rice in all forms). He called it "Gooey Rice Cakes" and it was nothing like the low-calorie crunchy snacks you get in a store. It was very dense, chewy, but apparently made with some sort of rice because that's what he said. Any ideas out there about the origin, real name, or a recipe? when a craving strikes...sometimes you gotta follow it....THANKS

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  1. Do you remember what the cake tasted like? The first dish that came to mind that fits your initial description would be biko, a sticky rice cake with nutty toasted coconuts.

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      It was not very strongly flavored--maybe why I am having trouble describing it. Someone else suggested mochi and I don't think that's it--do you have a recipe for biko? Is it always made with coconut? Sounds good, even if it's not the dish I remember!

    2. what color was it? what shape? cut from a large cake or individually formed? filled with something or just one texture?

      just about every country/region of asia has some sort of "cake" made from glutinous rice flour, and most of those are "chewy" or "gooey" in texture, and often sweet flavored, but from there things go in all kinds of directions.

      the first thing that comes to my mind is nian-gao, the new year's cake from south china,

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        it was cut from a larger cake, very light brown in color, may have had some raisins though that could just be my bad memory/their preference for raisins

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          This recipe seems like it could be it! Thanks!