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Feb 17, 2012 12:22 AM

Is anyone else addicted to Olde Cape Cod (Westminster) crackers?

I have to eat these everyday. I spent years finding a good cracker to snack on and with Uneedas and Royal Lunch gone, these have become my cracker..I love the Rounds, but they also come square and in the form of the Westminster Oyster Crackers that you get in restaurants for soup. The rounds taste like the oyster crackers but better. They are so home baked in flavor with just a perfect touch of salt sprinkled on top. They are very crispy but light and melt in your mouth. Kind of on the style of saltines but saltines suck...Or Carr's but much fuller flavor and thicker. And they are 1.50 a box at Marketbasket and low in calories and sodium. Just wheat, canola oil and a bit of yeast and salt basically..

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  1. I am snacking on a 0.5 Oz mini bag of the Westminster Oyster Crackers right now. I get them along with a take-out soup at Whole Foods. I stuff my pockets with these crackers when I buy soup at Whole Foods for lunch (which is 2-3 days a week) and snack on them often - I always have a pack or two in my drawer at the office in case I get hungry.

    I will have to look for and get the rounds, I can't imagine that they are better that these Oysters, so thanks for posting the tip. I agree, Saltines SUCK!

    1. I have a business asociate in Austin, Texas who fell in love with Westminster Oyster Crackers when visiting New England 10 years ago. Three times a year, I ship him a case of them.

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        If I had the wherewithal, I'd interdict that shipment as it passed through Lubbock. ;)

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          I have a box of the oysters too, but the rounds are still way better to me. More flaky and a smoother flavor.. Hope you can find them! Actually this week I had to trade in for a box of Lightly Salted Tam Tam Passover Crackers. They are actually surprisingly good with some nice bubbles and mix of light and dark spots.. But i do miss my Westminster Rounds! BTW,I had called Westminster once and the guy said all three types have a different taste and his favorite is the third type, the Squares..He also said it is a small business so they are always working on consistancy, eg with salt and how long baking etc.. BUt I like that there is a home baked quality that makes them vary a bit from bag to bag..