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Feb 16, 2012 11:56 PM

Best All You Can Eat Crab Legs?

What are everyone's favourite places in Las Vegas for AYCE crab legs? Please list:

Type of crab legs available (king, snow, etc.):
Whether available hot or cold or both:
Any special days (i.e., Fridays only, etc.):


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  1. Studio B at M Resort!!!!!
    They have both hot and cold snow crab legs. Friday from 4pm til close and I think all day Saturday and Sunday. It's not cheap, around $35.00 and the line is unbelievably long on Friday afternoons (to get in) but we keep doing just the same. We usually get there around 3:15 and fortunately (or not) my sister qualifies for the handicap/VIP line which is much shorter than the regular line so we are usually in by the time it opens at 4pm. They serve food all throughout the day but the crab legs don't come out til 4pm. Their other dishes are great too, we've always gotten great service there also and the best parts for us coke and great desserts.

    1. Studio B does win as a whole, but if just the crab itself, I think Wynn and Aria beat it.

      Aria serves snow crab during brunch and lunch and king crab for dinner (both pre-split). They are served cold, but they have a blast steamer in the back to steam them for you. Just hand them to anyone working that area and they'll have them steamed in a few minutes. I think dinner is around $30. But you can sneak in at 3:45p for $19.99 and wait 15 minutes for the king crab to come out. If your focus is crab, Aria's buffet can't be beat.

      Wynn no longer serves king crab. So it's snow crab all day (pre-split). The reason they're great is that they can grill them for you. They are served cold, but just bring them over to the grill station and they'll heat them on the grill. You end up with juicy meat that has a light smokey flavor and the tips get a bit crispy. The cost for dinner is a bit more...something like $35-$38. Lunch runs $25.

      While M Resort is great for cold snow crab, their hot crab is often overcooked. They're steamed in very large batches and sit around for a while in the steam tables. They do have the best/largest snow crab of any buffet in vegas through. Not pre-split...but "notched".

      My order (considering crab only) would be:
      Aria <-- most people don't like this buffet, but I love it because of the excellent crab.
      M Resort