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Feb 16, 2012 07:57 PM

Stanhope Grille, Back Bay. Anyone tried?

My husband and I are enjoying a romantic weekend at the Back Bay Hotel. Stanhope Grille receives good reviews on Open Table, but I haven't heard anything from our local Hounds. Anyone been to this place?

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  1. It was fine, hotellish food the one time we went, maybe 3 years ago.

    IMO there are many better options within walking distance

    Grill 23
    Bistro du Midi

    1. I am there often, as I work across the street. I will say, I think they have a very good breakfast/brunch. As for lunch, its fairly standard food...nothing that will make you stay in the hotel. You also have Grill 23 10 steps away and Post 390 20 yards away. Both of those might be much better dinner options (Grill 23, leaps and bounds ahead of Post)

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        I wouldnt go anywhere near Post for food. It's horrible (except for dessert). The service is awful, too.

        The cocktails are good though.

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          I agree that its an ok breakfast/brunch option.

        2. I will also add...I really like having drinks's a nice setting with a fire place etc...

          1. I think it's best left for a drink, particularly in warmer weather when their sub-sidewalk patio can be very pleasant. I've always found the food to be unmemorable.


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              Agree with JB. That place is convenient for the hotel guests, but that's about all you can say about it.

              Just shows you how much the reviews on OpenTable are worth. I think I noticed that Strega is the best restaurant in the North End, per OpenTable reviewers.

            2. I had a feeling. Thanks for all the great input! I think we will try Bistro du Midi for dinner as we've never been before and are looking to try something new to us, and perhaps enjoy a cocktail by the fireplace at the hotel.