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Feb 16, 2012 05:52 PM

Best meal in Austin with my wife suggestions please?

Coming in on March 2nd and leaving the following Tuesday. Money no object only quality. Help Please.

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  1. Congress just voted one of the ten most romantic restaurants in the US. Money better be no object, quality is very good

    1. I think the reason you're getting such sparse responses is that your question is somewhat broad. Can you tell us a little more? What type of cuisine are you interested in? What type are you not interested in or sick of? What type of experience are you hoping for? 'Best meal' can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It would also help if you told us more or less where in town you will be and if and how far you are willing to drive.

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        Fine Dining, Tapas, french or even a awesome steak. I know she loves Tapas and fine dining.most.

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          +1, if you're able to get a table. Paul is gaining publicity on Top Chef and is in the final three.

          1. re: saeyedoc

            Agreed, my favorite restaurant, not just in Austin, but anywhere in the far.

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              I'd agree with the other comments, but add that Congress and Uchi/ko are dramatically different from one another. Congress is much more traditional, intimate, and quiet, with slower pacing. Uchi and Uchiko are both exceptional, and super-creative (and realistically about half the price), but fairly loud and lively with much quicker pacing.

            2. Let me please add a vote for Fabi and Rosi. I just moved back to Austin and last night attended a wine dinner there. The food was very good all around- with a few sublte touches that were sheer genius. Very dedicated young chef here- I was very impressed. Check the menu online first to see if you like the offerings- actually for all 3 of the suggestions so far. Between them, I think the cuisine selections can help you choose best among three places very much worth a visit.

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              1. re: elpaninaro

                It's good, but not great. The wine list is lacking, the service can be mediocre, the dishes are well-executed but nothing new, and I still think it's good (but not great), but not in the same league.

                1. re: elpaninaro

                  I disagree with Fabi and Rosi. I've only been once and the menu was interesting. However, the actual food was mediocre and the wine list only so-so. Also, I was no fan of the bread and mayonaise.

                  1. re: Pmd669

                    There were some things I would improve- I was not a fan of the mayo with the bread either, the pomme puree was heavy and the wagyu tartare was a bit muddled. But the liver pate, rabbit confit, ribeye and greens were very fine. And I must admit wine list not an issue for me since I was there with a prominent German winemaker and we brought young and fully aged Rieslings most restaurants could never obtain- and we all liked the food overall and spent a good 20 minutes after talking with the chef who has a lot of good ideas.

                    I need to go back to Uchi and see if I am impressed unlike before. Clearly that is still the standard by which Austin judges restaurants, and as someone who has had great Japanese cuisine in LA, NY, Peru, Venezuela and Canada- I am still trying to figure out the ravenous appeal here beyond the fact the place is very, very good (meaning yes it is a top spot, but sure not a good measure by which to judge everything else.)