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Mar 12, 2001 02:49 AM

Fresh Durians or Jackfruit -LA-

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I live just north of LA (ventura county) and need to know where I can get a fresh Durian or Jackfruit Fruit. Has anybody seen a place where they sell them?

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  1. All of the Chinese markets sell fresh durians as well as star fruit. Jackfruit, I'm not so sure. The closest Chinese market to you would probably be the 99 Ranch Market at 6450 Sepulveda in Van Nuys, though if you went into the San Gabriel Valley you would have dozens of stores to choose from.

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      I live up here in Northern CA and its very very rare to find fresh Jackfruit. Fresh Durian is very common. I have a question for you now. We were lucky enough to purchase a piece of fresh Jackfruit several months ago from the SF 99 Market in Sacramento, and I planted the seeds. So far, 4 out of the 20 seeds sprouted, and I was wondering if you knew how long it actually took until the tree bares fruit. Will it be in my lifetime? LOL.

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        Thanks for answering guys,,, thats a good question. If you take really good care of the Jack seedlings, they should bear fruit in no more than 8-10 years or so. There are processes for speeding this up though. Perhaps through finding an already bearing tree locally (somewhere in CA) and grafting it to your seedling's rootstock...don't know, never tried it. It is uneccesary to do this if you are willing to wait long enough. I subscribe to an email newsgroup called rarefruit at yahoo. There is also a group you can obtain membership from called CRFG (Calif Rare Fruit Growers).
        The yahoo rarefruit group can be emailed at
        The CRFG has a website if you look up keyword CRFG on yahoo you will find it listed.
        They will have more detailed answers to all your questions.
        My original intention for locating fresh Jackfruit and Durian in Calif, was so that I could obtain and grow their seeds. I will do so if I ever return to California. I am in japan right now and have both tree seedlings growing just fine (and it snows in the winter here- Just keep them as indoor houseplants for now. Good luck with the Jackfruit.!

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          I live south of you in Encinitas and I'm a member of the CRFG. Their are a number of members growing jackfruit trees, including myself but mine's not fruiting size yet. Paul Fisher in El Cajon has a jackfruit tree that is producing fruit. And he's started a little home nursery he calls Merritt Mountain Nursery. His e-mail is: . I would contact him if I were you. As for durians I don't know of anybody with a fruiting tree in California. I've bought frozen durians in the past from Ranch 99 but I don't know of anywhere in the US, other than Hawaii, where you can buy fresh durians. However I've bought durian seeds in the past from Oscar at in Hawaii. And they all germinated.