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Feb 16, 2012 04:50 PM

Hidden Jewel, close to 95 Northern Ma?

Is there such a place to meet a friend for lunch. She is coming from York, Me. and I am coming from Boston.

We'd like to meet about halfway, and not Newburyport. Been there, done that too many times.

Neither of us are familiar with off the beaten path places, and we both love ethnic food too.

I may need to place this in the Ma. Board, but been searching there and haven't had any luck.

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  1. Flatbread Company or Amesbury Ale House in Amesbury,Ma.

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    1. re: steve999

      Thank you Steve,

      Is the whole area a vast wasteland? ;)

      Sorry, just wondering if that's really all of my choices?

      1. re: mcel215

        More or less, unless you go up to Portsmouth.

      2. re: steve999

        I was going to say Flatbread in Amesbury too! It's where we always stop on the drive from Portland to Northampton, lest we end up hungry on Rt 2, a fate worse than death.

      3. there's Giuseppe's in newburyport, right off 95 (rte 113 exit) - maybe 1/4 mile down on Low Street. Really tasty italian - lots of locals go there . American BBQ in Rowley is not too far off 95 - excellent turkey tips, ribs, mac and cheese etc.

        1. Fishbones in Chelmsford, Ma. perhaps? Not entirely a 'hidden gem' but a locals type of place. Love this place.

          1. Thanks everyone. I decided to drive up to meet her at When Pigs Fly Bistro, the food is so good and we''ll do some shopping while there.


            1. Next time you are in the Newburyport area try Ceia Kitchen and Bar. (Portuguese for supper we found out.) We had wonderful food and great service when we went a few months ago. And they are open late.

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