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Feb 16, 2012 04:14 PM

Delivery in Ile-des-Soeurs (Nun's Island)? [Montreal]

I'm new to Nun's Island and looking for places that do delivery. I've tried searching (both here and around Google), and can't really find much info.

I'm most interested in pizza places that aren't Domino's or Double Pizza, and chinese food places, but any delivery place would be great!


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  1. Mazzou, 514-419-9666
    Cari Mela, 514-989-8259

    And I think Mory's might deliver as well (their pizza is amazing, or was when I lived in their delivery area...) (514) 767-2000

    Then you might also want to scan the Verdun section of Top Menu and inquire as to if they will venture to your place.

    1. There is a v good pizza place over on Elgar beside the restaurant. It should still be around. They deliver at no charge. Don't bother with Finesse d'Orient-its pretty bad now.

      1. Its called Pizza Venizia at 282 rue Elgar, 514-769-0006. Umi Sushi is reliable (I know, not Chinese as you mentioned) and there is an Asian placed near Hoggs called Fusiali that received good feedback. They have a nice menu.

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          Interesting to hear that Finesse d'Orient is no good. I got a menu in the mail the other day, but it was just way to expensive to try out (nearly $45 for the two-person meal combo!).

          Thanks for the tip on Fusiali - I've seen it but had no idea it was a restaurant.

          1. re: sklar

            Its hard to tell from the street that Fusiali is actually a restaurant. I know that it does a lot of take-out as does Umi Sushi. My last meal was Finesse d'Orient was really the *last* one. I remember the good food from 8-10 years ago, now I think frozen chinese might be better than theirs. You could take that $45 and get something better on Wellington street. I don't know if you're into breakfast but Parthenon is not so good-I think that the eggs are cooked in a microwave. Chez Cora is a bit better but didn't like their coffee.

            1. re: serge_bellemare

              that's too bad-so now I know. I tried Parthenon for take-out pizza and it was fine but the other place seemed a bit better. There's also Woodland over in Verdun, they deliver to the island, as well.

          2. Have not treid them myself, but have been seeing more and more of these guys around Verdun, and it seems like they also go to IDS. Their website kinda sucks (hopefully just because it is still under construction) but it seems like they will pretty much pick up what you want from whereever and bring it to you, but their list does include some pizza places as well as some of Verdun's asian takeout joints. It looks like there's an extra charge for IDS though, you may want to give them a call and see if it applies to all restaurants listed.


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            1. re: lilmsmuffin

              Wow, that website really does suck. It looks like 1995 all over again!

              Aside from that, it looks like a very interesting service. While a potential $4 surcharge on all orders is steep, it's only $1.50 more than most of the other listings, so I can deal with that. What's most interesting is where it says "Toutes Autres commerce a Verdun non listé". Sounds like they'll go to any resto in the area! I'll definitely give them a call to get more info next take-out night.

              Thanks for the tip!

            2. I always order from Le Parthénon - Place du Commerce