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Feb 16, 2012 03:41 PM

Best shrimp Scampi in Boston or Cambridge

My wife and I are both having a craving. What say the Chowhounds? Anywhere around Cambridge is fine.

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  1. I've always likes the shrimp scampi at Mother Anna's in the North End.

    1. The lobster scampi at Moulton's (Winthrop St) in Medford is huge enough for 2, delicious, and usually under $30 - I expect they do a great shrimp scampi for much less that will be good - it's local and super casual - I've never had anything remotely bad there (well, except the very sad, tiny little green side salad with its flavorless cucumber and tomato slices - veggies are not the focus...).

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        The side veggies are quite bland, too. But, all of the fish is super-fresh and priced very reasonably. Wine and beer available, too.

        Not exactly shrimp scampi, but the linguine with white clam sauce at the original Daily Catch is delicious.

      2. Whenever you are looking for good shrimp ALWAYS INQUIRE if the shrimp is wild caught (good) or farm-raised (bad). Most restaurants now use farm raised Black Tiger Shrimp from Asia for their large sized shrimp needs. Very little flavor. A Gulf Shrimp or a Wild Mexican or South American Shrimp would be preferable.