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Feb 16, 2012 02:50 PM

Parboiled Rice [moved from Home Cooking]

To me, this isn't really rice.. I've told wifey 69420670 times, and here we have a brand new 20lb bag of parboiled rice.

I think she likes it because it doesn't stick together. I think I hate it because it doesn't stick together.

What's the deal with this rice? Is there some way to prepare it to convert me to converted rice?

It always seems dry, more chewy, and not soft and moist and whatnot. I just feel like it's an inferior product. Am I wrong?

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  1. I opened this thread for precisely the same reason. I don't get what the appeal of parboiled rice is and was curious to see an enthusiast's point of view.

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      I can say for my mom, who used it growing up, she never learned to cook real rice. So it was the only thing she knew.

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        The cooking instructions for Uncle Ben's original converted rice are virtually the same as for (real) long grain rice - combine rice, water, seasonings, bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook undisturbed for 20 minutes. The water ratio is a bit higher

      2. I like making Mexican rice, Red Beans and Rice or Jambalaya with converted rice.
        The only other suggestion is to add a little more liquid when cooking converted rice.
        I grew up eating rice everyday. I actually like converted rice or brown rice since it's different from regular long grain rice.

        To be honest, I'd rather have bread or pasta instead of rice. I guess I've burned out on eating rice by high school.

        1. Can't account for your wife's taste - BUT - parboiled rice is great when you forgot to precook rice for soup and just want to throw it in, or want no-fail paella, or other things where the texture isn't that important but instant cooking is. For rice - as rice - cooking it from scratch is the best for flavor, texture, mouth feel.

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            Parboiled (converted) rice is not instant rice.

          2. There are many varieties of rice, some are sticky when cooked, others cook up fluffy and well separated. None are inherently superior, though most cultures have distinct preferences. Some cultures use different types for different purposes. One way to look at parboiling is that it just adds to that variety. If you don't like it fine; others do.


            1. I grew up on it, but I have not cooked with it in at least 20 years. I don't consider it real rice either.