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Feb 16, 2012 12:59 PM

Please help - Just read negative review on Scampo. Should I still go on Saturday night or should I go to Sorrelina?

I have a reservation this Saturday night at Scamp to celebrate my birthday with my husband. I just read the negative review and now I am having second thoughts about going there.

Sorrelina has an opening so should I go there instead?

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  1. It's probably best not to make a snap change because of one review based on a Valentine's Day meal.

    Either restaurant will give you an excellent birthday experience. You can't go wrong.

    1. one option is to go to Scampo but not order what Prav ordered (although I have ordered the roti w/ chicken on numerous occasions and had a better experience than he describes). Have you looked at their online menu?

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      1. re: barleywino

        Yes, I have looked at Scampo's online menu and it is fine to me but I sure don't want lousy food. Also, reading about the big TV in the room is somehow turning me off from this experience.

        Has anyone been to Sorrelina and if so, what do you think? I am looking for something nice but not overly stuffy. Thanks so much.

        1. re: Janiekins

          Sorrelina is a wonderful restaurant and delivers consistently good food with excellent service as well. The room is a little more subdued than Scampo but I wouldn't call it stuffy. To me, Sorrelina is a "can't miss" place when you want really good food/service and you're willing to pay for it.

          I've had some decent meals at Scampo but every time I leave there, I comment how the apps always outshine the entrees.

          1. re: Janiekins

            Right, the TV is in the bar/lounge area and is mostly invisible/ inaudible in the dining area. It depends also on what you order, If you plan to order spaghetti and pizza on your birthday celebration night, you're better off going to Regina's instead.

        2. I would go. I generally dismiss the long winded essay reviews. On nights like valentine day, I only go to a place where I have been and where I am recoginized. .

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          1. re: libertywharf

            I agree with libertywharf. Based on what a vast majority of folks say about this restaurant, I actually do recommend going to check it out.. (I wrote the "long winded" review), perhaps on a Fri or Sat when Lydia Shire is in the kitchen. My experience was mine and solely mine, and on a night that is known to be risky when it comes to dining out.

            1. re: Prav

              Sorry, you get points for being funny and now I will read it. If I knew you were heading out on v day, I would have told you it is amateur night and to stay away from high traffic areas.

              1. re: libertywharf

                I think Chowhound benefits as much, if not more, from the extensive reviews, than it does from the one-off comments, "go here, not there". The longer reviews are usually (not always) where you can really learn about the individual items on the menu. You can't do that on Twitter.

                1. re: Alcachofa

                  completely agree, and yes, reflected in my reviews.

          2. I've been to Scampo and Sorellina a few times each, and have enjoyed both. I say stick with Scampo. I find it a tiny bit more relaxed, and have always enjoyed the food very much. Don't panic based on a valentines day review. As far as the tv goes, I have to admit I've never noticed it. I assume it's in the bar area. For the record, Sorellina has a tv too, but a small one.

            1. Thanks everyone for your honest opinions. I will stick with Scampo.

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              1. re: Janiekins

                Stick with Scampo and grab a pre/post meal drink in their lobby bar. Good people watching and a beautiful space.

                1. re: Janiekins

                  we're headed there tues so plse report before that! don't forget to read up on the CH fav dishes there.