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Seasonal or Wallse? Which would you choose?

I haven't tried Seasonal or Wallse. Which do you prefer?

344 W. 11th St., New York, NY 10014

132 West 58th Street, New York, NY 10019

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  1. The food is better at Seasonal.

    Wallse has better decor and is in a much better location.

    I'd go with Seasonal.

    1. Although I haven't been to Wallse in a few years (and things may have changed), I always loved the food at Wallse. I adored their Salzburger Nockerl. I'd be interested to hear what others who have been to Wallse in the past year have to say.

      I've been to Seasonal twice: loved it the first time, the second time (this past summer) my sister was disappointed with her Wiener Schntizel. I loved my first course (soft cooked egg with lobster), but cannot remember what I had for my main course.

      1. funny timing.

        i went to seasonal for the first time last week and totally think wallse is the better of the two.

        portions were pretty small at seasonal and i was surprised how boring the place was...

        wallse's food is excellent but i really love the atmosphere. ive always had good times there.

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          Delighted to hear very good things about Wallse! Will need to schedule a return visit soon!

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            Interesting. Thanks for mentioning that. Definitely leaning towards Wallse.

          2. The timing of this thread is quite interesting as ellenost and I were discussing the pros/cons of each just days ago and I brought it up on another board when I was browsing Wallse's menu.

            The issue for me, I guess, is whether Wallse's food is worth the price when many/most of their items can be had at other restaurants in the KG Empire.


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              To the extent that's true, there's no other restaurant in the KG that's as pleasant as Wallse, nor as consistent.

            2. I like both Wallse and Seasonal, but Wallse's food is more refined.

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                Ive never been to Seasonal, but Wallse has excellent food. Someone said they have nice decor. I find the place kind of non-decor, and kind of tight seating. I do Blau Gans for similar food, but less formal feeling. Same chef/owner

              2. Wallse. Been to both several times, at all times of year. The service at Wallse is consistently great. Seasonal has had some hits and misses for us (and don't sit in the back room).
                Wallse is in a great 'hood, great food, great service.

                1. thanks for all your comments, everyone!

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                    Report back with where you go - I'd be interested as reports seem few and far between.


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                      I will certainly post a report. I'm leaning towards Wallse, after looking at both dinner menus a little more carefully.

                      Not sure it's been mentioned lately, but Seasonal offers a $29 prix fixe weekday lunch in addition to dinner and weekend brunch, whereas Wallse is open only for dinner and weekend brunch.

                      Seasonal's use of American Wagyu in Sauerbraten seems silly, considering Sauerbraten's wine, vinegar and spice marinade is usually used to tenderize cheaper, tougher cuts of meat. Has anyone tried Seasonal's Sauerbraten?

                      I hope to try Seasonal's Blackforest Cake at some point.

                  2. If you wind up at Wallse and are a wine drinker, see if they will let you use the GIGANTIC glasses kept in the breakfront at back of front room. They are amazing food is great as well.

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