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Feb 22, 2001 01:10 PM

Santa Barbara--Earthling Bookstore/Buenos Aires Cafe

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Hi, everyone. I apologize for posting a non-food related question here, but many of you seem to be knowlegable about the Santa Barbara area. I grew up in Ventura and used to love to go to the Earthling Bookstore on State Street whenever I was in Santa Barbara. Since I'm going to be in the area this weekend, I thought I'd drop by, but couldn't find a listing in the yellow pages. Are they gone? Please tell me they weren't forced to succumb to the evil powers of McBarnes&Noble/Borders King?!?!

Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

Oh, and since I feel guilty for not asking about is the Buenos Aires Cafe in SB? What are the best dishes to try? I've heard good things about the place and would be interested to hear from anyone who's been there.

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  1. Unfortunately the Earthling met the demise you imagined. The building is now occupied by a Copelands sports store and Borders and B&N are down the street.

    Have not been to Cafe Buenos Aires in quite a while so I can't give any menu tips. It's does have a nice outdoor dining area.

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      Thanks for the info!

      So sad to hear about the Earthling. That was a great store. There aren't many of those great independent bookstores left. (sigh)