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Feb 16, 2012 11:36 AM

Carmel dog friendly patio restaurants

I found a list of restaurants which allow dogs on their patios. However it doesn't mean they offer good meals.

We will only be in Carmel 3 nights. Would you please help me reduce this list?

Cypress Inn Terry's Restaurant and Bar
Bistro Beaujolais
Bistro 211
Seafood Harvest
Rio Grill

Or are there others which we should include?

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    1. Our family (and pooch) really enjoys eating at The Forge in the Forest when we are in Carmel. They have a great outdoor seating area (with heatlamps if it happens to be a little cold) and fantastic food. They even have a dog-specific menu:
      Needless to say, very dog friendly.

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        1. I didn't think Rio Grill had a patio or at least didn't see one. Someone please correct if I'm wrong. I've been there for a class/luncheon and enjoyed the food but it was a special menu.

          The food at Terry's is OK but it's fun to go for the atmosphere especially if there are a lot of other dogs around or if there's an event going on. Poodle Day was a trip. You can also dine indoors in the bar.

          Carmel Belle is great for some charcuterie/salad/sandwiches. You can dine outside or there are 3 designated dog tables inside (look for the leash hooks).

          Portabella was again OK. You can sit out front or there's a back heated, covered patio.

          The above 3 all have the advantage of eating somewhere warm and covered on a rainy day.

          For us, the best combination of food quality and dog friendly have been at Basil and Casanova. Sadly our favorite dog friendly restaurant in Carmel is closing this week.

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              Carmel Food Company. They're serving until the 15th. Unfortunately we won't be back in the area until next month.

          1. Sorry to revive a thread (aka zombie thread), but any updated recommendations? We have reservations at La Balena for next weekend, but are looking for other suggestions.

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              Mundaka also has patio seating. Basil and Casanova are still good. If you want to venture out of Carmel, I also like The Bench at the Lodge at Pebble Beach and I just came from lunch today at Rocky Point Restaurant. I thought the food was very respectable for a view restaurant, not as good as The Bench, but boy what a stunning view!

              1. re: gooster

                We have returned several times to Carmel with our dog since I originally posted my question. We were not impressed with Casanova--the food was good but not ideal with a larger dog because of the crammed situation of the tables.

                We were so impressed with La Balena and will definitely go back next trip (beautiful patio but make sure you ask to be seated in the back and not the front patio--the lights in the back are beautiful. Our dog had plenty of room to lay down and we all had a fabulous meal. We had our own little fireplace at our table. Just lovely. Can't wait to return.

                If you don't mind driving, we always go to Cafe Rustica or Corkscrew Cafe in Carmel Valley (allow 30 minutes to drive from Carmel).
                Corkscrew has a very unique meyer lemon pizza which is delicious. Definitely worth the drive. Totally different scene from tourist scene of Carmel. The Corkscrew has a large outdoor patio area and because it's warmer in the valley, it's more comfortable to eat outside. However, at the Corkscrew, the large rocks covering the ground can be uncomfortable for dogs so make sure you take a towel.

                We were very disappointed with Bistro Beaujolais but enjoyed the upper patio with heaters at Da Giovanni (same owner). Heaters are important if you're sitting outside. Basil has a small area outside but zero ambiance. Ok for lunch.

                Our very favorite is Terry's at the Cypress Inn. The mostly amazingly dog friendly restaurant possible. You can even sit inside in the bar area (which is really a part of the restaurant). The food is quite good but it 's so fun to have your dog with you inside (they offer patio seating with heaters too).

                We have tried almost all dog friendly restaurants and our favorites are: Terry's, Corkscrew and la Balena.

                Never heard of Mundaka but make sure you read the reviews on TripAdvisor--quite negative.

                We checked out Little Napoli--great ambiance inside but if you have a dog, they stick you in the back with a few other tables. We cancelled our reservations after seeing the dog/people area. The food gets good reviews but I question the service since the patio is so isolated from the main restaurant.

                Flaherty's is a big negative. The dog/people must sit in a little alley between 2 buildings. Seafood was ok but the sand dabs at Terry's are amazingly delicious.

                Hogs Breath is ordinary, fried bar food. Village Corner (Delores and 6th) has a great patio with warm fire pit and good for lunch (great club sandwich big enough for 2).

                Hope this helps. If you have specific questions, I'll try to answer them.

                1. re: JudyDenver

                  Yes the dog seating at Casanova is limited to the front patio or a small side patio in the back. The courtyard areas are off limits. The food has had its ups and downs over the years but our recent lunch was good.

                  La Balena is our favorite dog friendly restaurant here.

                  I agree that the patio at Basil is somewhat lacking in ambiance. It's prettier during the day.

                  If you want nice ambiance, Anton & Michel has outdoor tables surrounding a reflecting pool and they also have an outdoor fire pit.

                  I think the food at Mundaka is excellent. The patio seating is limited to a few tables and there are no heaters so keep that in mind.

                  The food at Little Napoli is meh.

                  Also Carmel Belle has remodeled and expanded since my earlier post. The last time we were there with our dog, they said we could sit anywhere. They recently added an indoor fire pit and are also serving dinner Wed through Sat night.

                  Even if you don't eat at Terry's, I'd pop in for the weekend entertainment. It takes place in their living room with the grand piano and fireplace. If you get there early, you and your dog can grab one of the couches and enjoy some live music. There will be lots of other dogs.

                  Both Rustica and Corkscrew out in Carmel Valley are good. We also like Lokal but again their patio is somewhat lacking in ambiance.

                  1. re: PattyC

                    Thanks everyone for the detailed selections. We'll keep them all in mind. I'm glad our selection of La Balena still holds true. I'll look to book at Terry's as well and check out some of the others for lunch. One of us has gone veggie, which complicates matters.

                    We may try the Carmel Valley as well. We enjoyed our visit there the last time, although our time will be a bit more constrained. Sunday lunch may work at Rustica, I love a good Flammekueche.

                    1. re: gooster

                      As a followup to my request, I'd like to thank you all for the suggestions.

                      Terry's was great for the ambiance and the thrill of seeing dogs in the lounge (singer and piano). Started off with a very good Manhattan clam chowder and finished off with the lava cake (just ok, a bit underdone) with some great ice cream/gelato. In between was an OK set of mains. Very nice bottle of Cab from Soledad, with low markups.

                      Lunch the next day was a quick sandwich grab from Salumeria Luca -- we had to meet about 100 Corgis on the beach for the afternoon. Great bread always makes the sandwich-- had fresh-sliced prosciutto, fresh mozza, arugula, tomato, pesto mayo and tapenade.

                      La Balena was the next dinner. A very good vegan white bean soup to start and I proceeded to the agnolotti with a spicy lamb sausage ragu with mint and peas. A nice bottle of a slightly sweet white from Orvieto made for the compromise pairing (we loved visiting the village the year before last, so that brought good memories) Too full from Yappy Hour to have dessert.

                      Brunch the next day was at Basil. Lovely pesto with the bread, and the pan-toasted gnocci with olives and spring veg got rave reviews from the vegetarian. I had the grilled asparagus with egg and a well dressed salad. Would have preferred the egg poached, not over easy.

                        1. re: gooster

                          Thanks for the report back! We will have to try Basil next visit to the area. :)