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Carmel dog friendly patio restaurants

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I found a list of restaurants which allow dogs on their patios. However it doesn't mean they offer good meals.

We will only be in Carmel 3 nights. Would you please help me reduce this list?

Cypress Inn Terry's Restaurant and Bar
Bistro Beaujolais
Bistro 211
Seafood Harvest
Rio Grill

Or are there others which we should include?

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    1. Our family (and pooch) really enjoys eating at The Forge in the Forest when we are in Carmel. They have a great outdoor seating area (with heatlamps if it happens to be a little cold) and fantastic food. They even have a dog-specific menu: http://www.forgeintheforest.com/foodn...
      Needless to say, very dog friendly.

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        1. I didn't think Rio Grill had a patio or at least didn't see one. Someone please correct if I'm wrong. I've been there for a class/luncheon and enjoyed the food but it was a special menu.

          The food at Terry's is OK but it's fun to go for the atmosphere especially if there are a lot of other dogs around or if there's an event going on. Poodle Day was a trip. You can also dine indoors in the bar.

          Carmel Belle is great for some charcuterie/salad/sandwiches. You can dine outside or there are 3 designated dog tables inside (look for the leash hooks).

          Portabella was again OK. You can sit out front or there's a back heated, covered patio.

          The above 3 all have the advantage of eating somewhere warm and covered on a rainy day.

          For us, the best combination of food quality and dog friendly have been at Basil and Casanova. Sadly our favorite dog friendly restaurant in Carmel is closing this week.

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              Carmel Food Company. They're serving until the 15th. Unfortunately we won't be back in the area until next month.